Naagin 11th May 2019 Written Update – Shravani To Know Her Truth

Written Update: Naagin 11th May 2019 Written Update on

Drama: Naagin, episode, date 11th May 2019. Shravani gets back home. Mukesh and Sarika wake up. Sarika says she ought to have taken an auto. Shravani tells that she took an auto and came, and is worn out. They reveal to her how she was conceived in the long stretch of Shravan. She says she heard ordinarily. Mukesh and Sarika see the damage on her hand.

Naagin 11th May 2019

They get stressed. Shravani requests that they unwind. Sarika tells about the skin pigmentation, which resembles wind-like. Mukesh brings sustenance and slips. Shravani keeps running with fast and gets the plates. Mukesh asks how could you do? Shravani says I don’t have a clue. Samarjeet inquires as to whether he needs to have espresso. Mihir says in the night. Kanika insults him. Mohit requests that he wed Tania. Mihir says she is simply a companion. Does Kanika ask what is the issue?

Naagin 11th May 2019

Mohit says I saw her going out from your room and she is from a too rich family. Does Mihir ask I don’t get your meaning? Samarjeet says I am against endowment. Kanika says she needs him to wed as she needs him to be settled. Mihir says you are doing marriage with your young lady companion for benefit. Mohit says for father’s benefit. Samarjeet asks what is my benefit. Kanika asks will I converse with her mum. Mihir goes upset. Sumitra comes there. They request that she influence him to get it. Sumitra thinks to get Mihir wed Tania, and afterward, she will manage Bela.

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