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Muskaan Written Update

Muskaan 21 September 2019

Muskaan 18 September 2019

Muskaan 27 August 2019

Authority says I m stressed for the town ladies and Muskaan, every one of the men are terrible here, let me know Maalik, what will you choose for Muskaan. Ronak says Muskaan ought to get an opportunity to pick her significant other. Amma asks what are you saying. Ronak says we need to improve ladies’ state in this town, we need to do what ladies need, she ought to get a spouse who offers her regard and ensures her, one who cherishes her. Maalik considers Muskaan. Ronak says there is nobody such, get anybody such.

Maalik says Lakhan said right, Muskaan will wed the one she picks herself. Nek Chand thinks so Deepa was covering up in Ambala, I need to advise Hukum. The assessor¬†asks did anybody send Ronak’s pic to Vidhangarh. Das says I don’t have a clue, Sir is on leave. Reviewer says I will send the pic by speed post today. He gets Ronak and Muskaan’s pic printout. He says Sir will be cheerful that I did his pending work.

Muskaan Written Update
Muskaan Written Update

Maalik slaps Inder and beats him. Amma says its not his error. Inder says he has double-crossed me, I spared Muskaan from Hukum for the good of he, he wedded an adversary town, young lady, he is a miscreant. Inder says no, I was frightened. Maalik says you realize I don’t extra the person who cheat me. Deepa says pardon him, you rebuff me, leave him. Maalik says I think you need to get pummeled. He goes to kick Deepa. Muskaan comes in the middle of and requests that he beat her too. Ronak blows up. Ronak comes in the middle. Maalik looks on. Muskaan thinks don’t do anything Ronak ji.

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