Muskaan 9 July 2019 Written Episode Update: Stop Muskaan From Jumping

Written Update: Muskaan 9 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Hanumant says Muskaan will break all records today. Muskaan says I will complete work and after that go. Muskaan gives desert flora plant to Sir ji. His hand gets injured. She requests that Sir ji plant the unique tree, it can make do without water too. Ronak and Sir ji plant the desert plant.

Ronak says the occasion is done at this point. Gayatri asks Muskaan to concentrate on her test at the present time. She asks Muskaan to keep the things that will help her in the physical test. Muskaan says thanks to her and goes. Sir ji thinks to hurt Muskaan. Muskaan wants the physical test.

Muskaan 9 July 2019

Ronak asks Hanumant to watch out for Sir ji. Hanumant says I will get back to you, he is available to come back to work. Sir ji says Muskaan shouldn’t finish in any test. Hanumant hears him. Dwivedi concurs. Hanumant calls Ronak and advises about Dwivedi.

Ronak asks Hanumant to keep him educated. Dwivedi educates everybody concerning the physical tests. He requests that they toss the 6 kg football quite far. He asks Muskaan to take balls from another table. He reveals to Sir ji that Muskaan won’t almost certainly lift 8 kg ball. Muskaan lifts the ball and tosses it far. Ronak looks on. Everybody applauds. Dwivedi gets stunned.

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