Muskaan 8 June 2019 Written Update – Now Muskaan will Color

Written Update: Muskaan 8 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Gayatri, Muskaan, and Ronak having chaat. Ronak feels it zesty. Muskaan thinks about him. Gayatri grins and favors them. She discusses setting aside cash. Ronak feels terrible and asks Muskaan to proceed to get the festoons for puja. Muskaan goes. A vehicle approaches her. Sir ji sees the time and says now Muskaan will color.

Gayatri gets stunned seeing the vehicle going to hit Muskaan. She flees. Gayatri gets hit by the vehicle. Ronak and Muskaan get stunned. They raced to Gayatri. The man requests that they call an emergency vehicle, did anybody note the vehicle’s number. Ronak cries. Muskaan requires a rescue vehicle.

Muskaan 8 June 2019

Dolly says I will tell father that Tara can’t remain here. Bua says don’t converse with him. Dolly says father won’t decline to me. Dipendra says Tara is near him. Dolly says he will hear me out. They proceed to hear Sir ji and Tara’s discussion. Bua says accompany me. Dolly opens the entryway and gets in.

She sees Tara kneading Sir ji’s feet. She requests that he request that Tara leave, she can’t leave with them. Sir ji cautions Dolly. Dolly asks how could you overlook mum, you got this young lady. Sir ji says you won’t utter a word about Gayatri, I cherish her, she is my significant other, she is irritated, she will dependably be my better half. He chastens Dolly.

He says Tara is extraordinary to me, nobody will talk awful about her. He gets a call. The man says Gayatri’s mishap occurred rather Muskaan. Sir ji gets stunned and asks what babble, on the off chance that anything happens to her, I will slaughter you and your family, where did this occur. The man says it occurred close to the sanctuary. Sir ji calls somebody and gets some information about the mishap.

Muskaan 8 June 2019

He stresses. Ronak and Muskaan take Gayatri to the emergency clinic. She gets treated. The specialist says we have to do various medical procedures, proceed to reveal to her family that 5 lakhs will be required, we will keep her stable up to that point. He gets a call. Ronak asks a specialist about how is Gayatri. The specialist says she is not kidding.

Senior specialist Mehra says we can spare her, we need 12 lakhs for her, we can’t work her until you store cash. Ronak undermines the specialist. Muskaan says sorry, how much time do we have. The specialist says 2 hours, her life can fall in hazard in the event that you delay. They stress. Police come to record the announcement. Muskaan says we need to proceed to organize cash now.

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