Muskaan 6 April 2019 Written Update – Kajal irritates Hanumant

Written Update: Muskaan 6 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ronak seeing Kajal and Muskaan resting. He sees the roof fan. He reviews how Kajal had taken a chance with Muskaan’s life. Its morning, Ronak gets some information about the fan. The man says its something odd, somebody had traded off this stick, that is the reason the fan had tumbled down. Ronak gets stunned. Kajal comes and asks who was this uncle. Ronak says that uncle came to fix another fan in your room. Kajal asks will you play with me. Ronak says no, you take rest.

Hanumant comes to meet Ronak. Kajal thinks for what reason is Ronak acting so peculiar. Kajal aggravates Hanumant. Ronak asks Hanumant to come. Muskaan asks Kajal to come and eat. Ronak says I feel Kajal is behind this, at whatever point I endeavor to offer shock to Muskaan, Kajal comes to there and ruins everything. He reveals to Hanumant what all he saw about Kajal. Ronak says perhaps Shantanu’s uncertainty about Kajal is correct. Hanumant says I additionally feel along these lines, what will we do now. Muskaan asks Kajal to complete the nourishment. She sends the morning meal for Ronak and Hanumant. Ronak says I host sorted out a gathering for Kajal, we will get one opportunity to get her fact out. Hanumant asks what are you considering. Ronak says I need to lay a device for Kajal, I need to allow her to end Muskaan’s life.

Hanumant inquires as to why Kajal will murder Muskaan. Ronak says you are stupid, I felt we are brilliant, however, Kajal is progressively keen, you will be in Muskaan’s place, we will play an amusement, I know Kajal will pick Muskaan, I will blindfold everybody and you will come rather Muskaan. Hanumant stresses. Ronak says if Kajal is acting, she will assault Muskaan, you won’t bite the dust, the blade will be phony. Hanumant says you frightened me. Ronak says it’s my arrangement. Kajal comes there and calls Ronak as Papa. He gets stunned.

She gives him tea. Muskaan comes there. She says Kajal was demanding that she will get tea for you. Kajal asks what were you talking, for what reason did you get peaceful seeing me, are you arranging amazement for me. Ronak says nothing. Kajal asks in what manner will I move on a wheelchair. Muskaan says you are our rockstar. Kajal hears the chronicle on her telephone. She learns Ronak’s arrangement. Muskaan asks do you need something. Kajal requests that she get watermelon juice.

Muskaan goes. Kajal says I completed a ton to get your adoration, I slaughtered numerous individuals and you are questioning on me. Muskaan gets watermelon juice for her. Kajal acts and requests them that she needs to go out. They all endeavor to stop her. Kajal demands. Gayatri asks Lovely and Bunty to take Kajal and get her a decent dress. Kajal gets glad. Muskaan asks Kajal to fare thee well.

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