Muskaan 5 October 2019 Written Episode Update – Bad News, Ronak Kidnapped

Written Update: Muskaan 5 October 2019 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins, They state we will likewise get imprisoned if Muskaan wins decisions. Maalik says stop it, don’t consider rout, the new isn’t finished, hear me out. He tells his arrangement. Hanumant comes to meet Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak embraces and asks how are you.

He is sorry for disregarding him. Hanumant says I m fine, I m consistently there for Ram and Sita, don’t feel sorry. Ronak says love you, you are my actual companion. Hanumant says I cherish you more, Maalik’s men are around. Ronak says I must be cautious, Hukum’s goons can get us, we will win races and make ladies state better.

Muskaan says yes so no Maalik grabs any Muskaan here. Deepa comes and says I came following Hanumant, Maalik wanted to disseminate wine to win decisions, I heard Inder advising this to Kuldeep. Muskaan says then we can’t win decisions. Ronak says no, we will win and get free. Hanumant says we will destroy the wine. Ronak says incredible, you think like me.

Muskaan 5 October 2019

Hanumant says however security is correct, it won’t be anything but difficult to go there. The woman meets Hukum and says I came to manage you, I m tired of avoiding the town, I need to return with deference. Hukum requests that her go. She inquires as to whether I hand over Ronak to you, you can get Maalik out. She inquires as to for what reason would you like to support me.

She says if Muskaan wins the races, she will leave, Maalik will lead us once more, so I came to support you. Hukum says fine, get Ronak to me, I will give you your lost regard. Its morning, Ronak asks Muskaan to arrive at the surveying stall. He says I will go to destroy the liquor. The woman swoons. They stress. Ronak calls for an emergency vehicle. Ronak says I will go with her. Muskaan makes her choice. She petitions God for Ronak and the woman.

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