Muskaan 30 May 2019 Written Update – Gayatri Holds Ronak & Muskaan Hand

Written Update: Muskaan 30 May 2019 Written Update on

Dolly feels terrible. Ronak sings increasingly pitiful melodies and plays guitar. Muskaan looks on. Beautiful slams into a woman and gets slapped. Gayatri stresses. Beautiful and Bua blow up and contend with the woman. Soni requests that they leave. A man demonstrations shoddy and prod Muskaan. Muskaan slaps him and reprimands him. Ronak blows up observing the man’s sickening conduct.

Muskaan 30 May 2019

He tosses the table and goes to beat the man. Tara looks on and grins. Ronak and Muskaan get stunned seeing the relatives. The man requests that gatekeepers toss them out. Ronak stops the watchmen. Sir ji comes and asks Ronak to take a gander at his family, what did he do with them, they look so vulnerable. He asks Gayatri to see the family and not destroy his regard.

Muskaan 30 May 2019

He says you are bearing this since you are obstinate. He reminds how she used to control in past times. Gayatri says we are defenseless, we are not terrified, we didn’t do anything incorrectly, you won’t comprehend the significance of family, you should be valid. He says its your home, not mine. Sir ji asks Ronak to hold up under the neediness. He says this is going on account of Muskaan and Ronak. He asks Muskaan to clarify Gayatri and request that her arrival to her home.

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