Muskaan 27 April 2019 Written Update – Muskaan Is Still Alive

Written Update: Muskaan 27 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ronak saying Muskaan can’t bite the dust, she is my significant other, she is solid, I will take a quick trip and see her. The specialist says you can’t go in, its a homicide case, and body will go for posthumous. Hanumant says specialist isn’t lying. Ronak slaps him and says you are lying, I need Muskaan. Everybody stops Ronak. Gayatri cries. Hanuman takes Ronak with him. Kajal yells a great deal. Bua and Lovely stress for her and take her to the specialist. Gayatri gets captured. Sir ji asks how might you capture her. Ronak reviews Muskaan and cries. He asks Gayatri how could she abhor Muskaan so much that she slaughtered Muskaan. He cries and says you are a killer. She cries seeing him and runs with the police.

Kajal awakens and asks what am I doing here, where are Ronak and Muskaan. Bua says you are talking regularly. Kajal says at that point what, for what reason are you talking along these lines, what am I doing here. Kajal says I got some information about my folks, you would know, I instructed him to take me to Banaras to deal with father’s the same old thing. Bua says yes. Kajal figures my memory should return after all Muskaan is dead.

Ronak gets alcoholic and considers Muskaan. Hanumant supports him. Bua says Kajal, your folks are no more. Kajal says no, this can’t occur, take me to Gayatri, she will reveal to me reality. Bua says Gayatri is in prison. Kajal asks what’s going on, did she execute my folks. Bua says no, Gayatri has executed Muskaan. Kajal asks what, Muskaan. take me to Gayatri. The specialist comes to check Kajal and acts. He says everything is typical at this point. He poses her inquiries about her personality. He says I think she got fine by getting a hit on a head.

Ronak gets alcoholic and comes to Gayatri. He says you have slaughtered Muskaan, in what manner will I disclose to Aarti that I have lost, I have lost Muskaan. He says you had much scorn and murdered her. He cries. She is sorry to him. Kajal and Bua come there. Kajal says I need to converse with Gayatri. Bua abandons her and goes. Kajal requests that her tell in the court whatever she has advised her. She says once I wed Ronak, I will get up from this wheelchair. Sir ji and Hanumant convey Ronak to the room. Sir ji makes Ronak rest and goes. Its morning, Ronak awakens and sees Hanumant.

He reviews Muskaan. He races to the medical clinic. He proceeds to meet Muskaan in the funeral home. His tear falls all over. She opens her eyes. He gets stunned seeing this and blacks out. She worriedly gets up and holds him. She sprinkles water on him. He gets up and sees her alive. He says Muskaan…. furthermore, grins. He says I have kicked the bucket and come to you, we are in paradise, is this paradise. Muskaan signs no. He says its great, we are in paradise. She asks what are you saying, you are alive and even I m alive. He asks are we alive. He checks her. He embraces her and cheerfully cries.

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