Muskaan 26 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Muskaan Protests Against Sir ji

Written Update: Muskaan 26 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

He supposes Ronak will despise himself, he will revere me and make tracks in an opposite direction from Muskaan. Bua requests that Sir ji accompany him. Hanumant cries and calls Ronak. Ronak discards his telephone. The video plays. Ronak hears Muskaan yelling to him for assistance. He hurries to see the video. He calls Hanumant. Bua apologizes as she needed to advise truth to Gayatri. She says Ronak is carrying on, for example, he became acquainted with he isn’t your child.

Muskaan 26 June 2019

Sir ji says lying and concealing truth are various things, I was apprehensive for this so I had shrouded this, you have broke reality to Gayatri, at any rate overlook it, Gayatri is in stun, its devil to get her out of the stun, Ronak needs to get fine, we need to make him fine, I will see Gayatri. He asks Bua will she bolster him. Bua says truly, I will do what you state, Gayatri and Ronak need to join with family, Gayatri has raised Ronak.

Ronak comes to spare Muskaan. He yells Muskaan. Muskaan comes to him and embraces. He asks are you fine, where is Hanumant, I won’t leave the goons, are they terrified of me. She says I needed you to leave that room, I did this, I had no alternative. Ronak sees Hanumant and his companions. Muskaan reviews the phony hijacking.

Muskaan 26 June 2019

She says I needed to take help of your companions. Ronak gets stunned and says you have played a filthy joke with me. He cries. Muskaan inquires as to for what reason are you going in reverse, for what reason are you breaking my expectations, in the event that I said anything incorrectly, I m sorry, I don’t abhor you, I said that in indignation. Ronak cries. Muskaan says don’t disconnect yourself, converse with me, please.

She requests that he share things with him, she is his companion. He supposes what will I reveal to Muskaan that I lost my personality, my beginning, and end. He says nobody has put any weight on me, you additionally don’t put weight on me, next time, on the off chance that you do anything, at that point, I won’t come. He goes to slap Hanumant and chastens him. He leaves. Muskaan cries.

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