Muskaan 25 May 2019 Written Update – Gayatri Claps for Sir ji

Written Update: Muskaan 25 May 2019 Written Update on

In today episode, Vikram says I assaulted your office, you accompanied partnership. Sir ji says its distinctive thing, we came here for our little girl’s bliss. Vikram prevents them from Shagun. Sir ji says you are ceasing a direct result of obligation. Vikram says yes. Ronak says he is greatly esteemed and legit. Muskaan says yes. Ronak says I like him.

Muskaan 25 May 2019

Sir ji says Dolly got mangoes for you, acknowledge it. Vikram says mangoes are my fav organic product. Dolly gives the mangoes case. Vikram says thanks to them. Sir ji says its great I declined to Singhanias, whatever happens, is for good, Vikram is pleasant. Gayatri concurs. Muskaan says I need to set off for college. Ronak says I will drop her and come. They go. Muskaan gets cheered for building up night school in the NGO and working for others’ welfares. Ronak and Muskaan get the honor.

Muskaan 25 May 2019

Muskaan says this happened in view of Ronak. They take the honor. Police go to Vikram’s home. Investigator says we got the news that you are accepting hush money on the name of strikes. Vikram says its an untruth, my records are spotless. Auditor says then you ought to have no issue in getting your home checked. The policemen state we didn’t get anything. Investigator gets some information about the carton. Vikram says its mangoes, have it before you go. Investigator checks the mangoes. Vikram gets stunned seeing cash under the mangoes.

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