Muskaan 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Goons take Muskaan

Written Update: Muskaan 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

Sir ji thinks its great Ronak left Muskaan and now Muskaan will be distant from everyone else for eternity. Tara requests that Sir ji stay faithful to his obligation. Tabassum requests that her go to her room. Muskaan is in market. She gets hijacked. Hanumant takes the video and pursues the vehicle.

Sir ji expresses gratitude toward Tabassum and gives her cash for concealing Ronak’s mystery. Tabassum says you can reveal to me anything, I will dependably keep the guarantee. He says I guaranteed to name the house of ill-repute to you, I addressed legal counselor, I will name the whorehouse to you soon. She says thanks to him and says you had shrouded reality for a long time, you got reality out and got bend the story.

Muskaan 25 June 2019 Episode

He says you are stating a ton, don’t state more, else I will blow up. She is sorry to him. He says you know when you got back home that day. FB indicates Sir ji saying you will get massage parlor to your name in two days. Tabassum goes. He hears strides and goes Tabassum. He opens the entryway and sees Gayatri leaving. He stresses. He says you didn’t ask me anything, you need to reveal to me what’s going on.

Tabassum says I didn’t ask you as nobody revealed to me anything, Ronak and Muskaan advised that to me. He asks what did they say. She says Aghori came to massage parlor today. He says to call him and ask where is he. She calls and says Ronak found out about the mystery in my room, he pursued Aghori. He says he did this to know the total truth, he has sent you here to discover it, Gayatri has heard us together.

Muskaan 25 June 2019 Episode

She asks what will we do now. Sir ji grins and says we will make a showing, we will make Ronak achieve the mystery as indicated by us. FB closes. Tabassum says you controlled Ronak, Gayatri and Muskaan’s moves, they got tricked. He says they have seen what I needed to demonstrate them, it was my game to make them reach Lal Darwaza, you came clean to Gayatri, Hanumant’s video making was likewise a piece of my game.

Gayatri loaded Ronak by coming clean, Muskaan and Ronak felt that this fact can destroy me, they didn’t think whether Ronak changes side, they will be demolished. She says fine, you misled Gayatri. He holds her neck and requests that she shut up. He says reality which everybody knows is a reality, none has to know the reality. 25 years prior, Sir ji spoils Lovely. Gayatri grins. Sir ji says you gave me uplifting news, my child will finish my family.

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