Muskaan 22 June 2019 Written Update – Muskaan talks to Aarti Pic & Cry

Written Update: Muskaan 22 June 2019 Written Update on

Sir ji says I have no grumbles, don’t lose heart, come, it will occur as you state. He embraces Ronak and cries. He asks Gayatri for what good reason did you do this. Exquisite comes and says police has come to capture father. They go ground floor. Muskaan says Ronak ji demonstrate the verification against Sir ji, everything will get fine, we will get free from Sir ji.

Muskaan 22 June 2019

Aarti and Sandhya, and a lot more ladies will get equity today, Sir ji will go correctional facility. Overseer asks Ronak to demonstrate the confirmation. Beautiful says Muskaan is after my father, she needs to execute him, she won’t stop. Muskaan says Sir ji did violations, its matter of equity, I will get equity now. Investigator requests that her show evidence. Muskaan asks Ronak to show evidence, let Sir ji’s reality turns out.

Ronak reviews Gayatri’s words. Gayatri asks Ronak not to get Sir ji rebuffed, he gave him a decent life. Muskaan takes the telephone and shows to the auditor. They hear a tune playing. Muskaan asks what’s this. She checks again and asks Hanumant to check. Ronak erased the video. Hanumant says I think video got erased. Muskaan asks Ronak where did the video go. Ronak asks which video, there wasn’t any video.

Muskaan 22 June 2019

Muskaan and Hanumant get stunned when Ronak denies it. She inquires as to for what reason are you doing this. Investigator chides her and apologizes to Sir ji. Muskaan asks Ronak for what good reason did he erase the video. Ronak says I don’t think its important to answer you. She says you battled with Sir ji for the good of I, presently you aren’t adhering to your guarantee, what occurred in most recent 2 hours that you left me.

Ronak asks how often will you ask this. Muskaan says Sir ji is going this. Ronak stops her and secures Sir ji. Sir ji gets astonished. Muskaan asks do you recognize what you are doing. She cries. Gayatri signs to Bua. Ronak says now I won’t do anything against Sir ji and even you won’t do anything, he hasn’t extorted me, I comprehended this is my perfect spot, this is the reality. Muskaan gets tragic.

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