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Ronak cries thinking about the words he advised to Muskaan long time back. He reviews Gayatri’s words and breaks. His modify self asks him in what capacity will he loathe himself currently, by what method will he face reality and society, he likewise has a place with the massage parlor. Ronak yells its a falsehood, no. He breaks the mirror by his hand. He gets injured.

Bua and Gayatri sit in the sanctuary. Bua says sorry, I have concealed this fact from you. Gayatri says Ronak additionally knows this reality now, I try not to need any other person to know this. Bua says I felt so. Gayatri says don’t feel terrible, I need to remain alone at this point. Bua goes. Muskaan comes to Gayatri and asks what has happened to Ronak. She says I have seen him like this just because, he is remaining against me, you realize him well, for what reason did everything change all of a sudden, let me know, for what reason are you concealing this.

Muskaan 22 June 2019 Episode

Gayatri will not say. Muskaan says I will ask Ronak until he answers me. Ronak says I felt pleased that I have a place with a decent family, my pride broke. He tosses things in his room. Muskaan comes running there. He ruins his room and sits crying. Muskaan hears him and sits crying at the opposite side of the entryway. She says I realize you are here and can hear me, disclose to me what happened that you took such a major choice, you constantly upheld me and never left me, I m your Muskaan, I won’t go anyplace until you answer me.

Ronak says I don’t need to converse with you, go from here. He cries. She says you needn’t bother with me. She races to the toilet and packs her sacks. She says I can’t live here, Ronak isn’t with me. Gayatri comes there. Muskaan says I m going out, you and Ronak aren’t stating anything, he needn’t bother with me. Gayatri asks her not to go. Muskaan asks what had occurred. Gayatri says I can’t answer you, simply don’t go out, Ronak and I need you. She cries and requests that she stay back.

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