Muskaan 21 September 2019 Episode Written Update – One Girl Kidnapped by Hukum?

Written Update: Muskaan 21 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Chamki coming to Muskaan and demanding her to meet Maharaj ji. Muskaan concurs. Amma requests that the men take the young ladies to Maharaj. Muskaan and Chamki come there. Maharaj holds Muskaan’s hand. Muskaan kicks him and keeps the blade at his neck. He gets stunned. Maalik says I will restore the credit sum taken by Inder.

The bank authorities leave. Ronak says Hanumant, the bank authorities couldn’t do anything, Inder didn’t do anything incorrectly. Hanumant says I m having a go at something about Inder. Muskaan says Chamki was frightened, I comprehended something isn’t right, are you not embarrassed. Maharaj apologizes. Chamki says pardon me.

Muskaan says no, it’s not your mix-up, this occurs with young ladies consistently, I will uncover Maharaj before the town. Maharaj giggles and says Chamki came to me herself. He requests that his men grab the blade from her hand. Amma comes and asks Muskaan to put ghunghat. She gets desserts. Maharaj says I will disclose to your fate of your family, on the off chance that you keep Muskaan and Inder’s suhaagraat today, your family will get a child, else Inder will never get a youngster.

Muskaan 21 September 2019 Episode

They get stunned. Inder asks what, my Suhaagraat today. Kuldeep says truly, Amma was advising this to Maalik. They move. Ronak returns home. Chamki cries. Ronak asks what occurred, for what reason are you crying. Chamki tells everything. Ronak thinks what to do now, how to uncover this extortion man, Muskaan fell in huge issue, how to spare her. Maalik says I called a few artists for the gathering, proceed to get the artists to the town, the men will celebrate.

Ronak says fine, do you concur with Maharaj’s words. Maalik says Amma trusts Maharaj a great deal, it doesn’t make a difference, if Suhaagraat is done today or tomorrow, in all actuality I have offered Muskaan to Inder. Inder cheerfully enriches his room. Muskaan cries. Ronak goes to her. She says I won’t let Inder contact me, it is possible that I will kick the bucket or Inder. He says don’t take any off-base move, trust me, nothing will occur.

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