Muskaan 21 June 2019 Written Update – Ronak ji Show the Proof to Everyone

Written Update: Muskaan 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Gayatri says I have seen it, you won’t contact him now. Ronak requests that Sir ji stop the dramatization, he is certainly not an ideal individual. Gayatri says don’t inconvenience me. She says Ronak won’t do anything now, if Ronak respects me a mum and cherishes me. Ronak says you are my life, I cherish you a great deal, I m doing this to rebuff him. Gayatri says no, stop it.

Muskaan 21 June 2019 Written Update

Ronak says you aren’t getting me, are you blindfold, what befell you, we will send him to imprison. She says you need to hear me out. He says I won’t hear you out and him, think whether this man murdered your infant, how might you feel, he has slaughtered Sandhya’s infant. Gayatri says that infant needed to pass on. Ronak gets stunned. Gayatri says that infant needed to bite the dust to carry him from that hellfire to paradise, to give that infant to a childless mother. Ronak asks what are you saying.

Gayatri says I m discussing you. Ronak gets stunned. She cries and says I m discussing you Ronak, you were that child. Ronak sees her stunned. She says you were conceived in that house of ill-repute, you used to detest whorehouses, Sir ji got you out of that massage parlor with the goal that your name doesn’t have the stain of a house of ill-repute, he gave you another life so you live well like us, this resembles us.

Muskaan 21 June 2019 Written Update

Sir ji cries. Ronak says no, I realize he is lying. Gayatri says no, this is reality, you aren’t my child, whatever he told Muskaan and you, it was reality, the untruth was Sandhya’s infant was brought into the world dead, everything else was valid, when Sandhya’s significant other left her in mandap, she was terrified as she was pregnant, she attempted to prematurely end the infant.

Sir ji prevented her from doing this wrongdoing, Sandhya didn’t see that infant after the infant’s introduction to the world, she got rationally shaky. Ronak reviews Sandhya and cries. Gayatri says Sir ji spared the child, I became acquainted with this from Tabassum when we took Sandhya to the emergency clinic.

FB demonstrates Tabassum revealing to Gayatri that Ronak isn’t Sir ji and Gayatri’s youngster, Ronak is Sandhya’s child. Bua says you brought forth a dead child that night and I educated Sir ji about this. Gayatri inquires as to for what reason did you conceal this from me, why.

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