Muskaan 20 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Muskaan tears the papers

Written Update: Muskaan 20 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

He says no, I won’t go. She says you have to Sandhya’s last customs. Ronak says I have no connection with her. She says and still, at the end of the day you need to do this, you and Muskaan dealt with her, she has nobody, I need you to do this. Muskaan says she is correct, we can do this for her, I wish we could spare her. Gayatri goes.

Hanumant comes to Ronak and says I m heartbreaking to see you in this state. He embraces Ronak. Sandhya’s last ceremonies arrangements are finished. Ronak does her last ceremonies and offers fire to her fire. Muskaan looks on. Sir ji remains far. Gayatri cries in her room. Sir ji petitions God for Sandhya’s spirit harmony. Tabassum says we additionally got harmony today.

Muskaan 20 June 2019

Sir ji says it was demon for me to slaughter Sandhya’s tyke, on the off chance that I didn’t do that, how might I get Ronak in my life. Hanumant comes to Ronak and says your work is finished. FB demonstrates Ronak saying I couldn’t hear anything from Sandhya, she passed away, I think Sir ji and Tabassum are concealing something, on the off chance that they talk anything, record it, don’t pass up on the opportunity. Hanumant asks him not to stress.

Ronak and Muskaan see the chronicle of Sir ji and Tabassum’s discussion. Muskaan asks what. Ronak requests that her be tranquil. Muskaan says Sir ji murdered Sandhya’s tyke and revealed to us an untruth, she has consumed her time on earth behind Lal darwaza, since man ought to go through his time on earth in the prison. Ronak says we will get equity for Sandhya and Aarti, and each one of those ladies whom he tormented, I will get Sir ji rebuffed, we ought to go now, Sir ji may flee before police come.

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