Muskaan 2 April 2019 Written Update – Nurse takes Kajal

Written Update: Muskaan 2 April 2019 Written Update, on

The Episode begins with Muskaan getting help in time. Hanumant spares her life. Ronak spares Kajal. He lifts Kajal and takes her. He says you are fine at this point. Ronak asks Muskaan are you fine. Muskaan says I m fine, you oversee Kajal. Kajal says I got injured, even mum would have harmed. Gayatri says no, she is fine. Beautiful says don’t cry, we are with you. Gayatri’s telephone rings. She answers Shantanu’s call. He says I need to converse with you about Kajal, I addressed a major specialist, perhaps she can walk once more, I called you to advise, I have a solicitation, you don’t advise this to Kajal.

She concurs. Muskaan says don’t give me any astonishment once more, I can’t deal with it, no compelling reason to quit fooling around, its not your mix-up. Ronak grins. Gayatri chides them. Ronak says Muskaan fell in water as well, Kajal fell on the claim. Gayatri says Muskaan has made your daze. Ronak says abandon it now, we will go. Ronak and Muskaan leave. Gayatri takes Kajal with her. Ronak drops Muskaan. She says I will get back home individually, much obliged. He goes. Muskaan is given the garments area. Chief requests that her offer juice to customers.

He says you are given your obligations, it relies upon you, how you handle it. Flawless and Dolly come there and meet her. They inconvenience Muskaan. Ronak comes there. Muskaan gets shocked. Gayatri and Bua get Kajal to the emergency clinic. Kajal asks where am I, I need to go to mum and father. Ronak says I simply need one specialist. A woman comes to help. Ronak says Muskaan can turn into a chaperone, she can go to me. Administrator asks Muskaan to go to Ronak. Ronak says I got ginger tea for you, it will help your virus.

Administrator says tea isn’t permitted here. Ronak says I thought to do much shopping here, fine I will go. Director says no, you can have it. Ronak approaches him to get water for him, he is parched. Administrator gets water. Ronak requests that he come after him with the plate. Supervisor requests whom would you like to shop, for yourself or GF. Ronak sees Muskaan. Gayatri takes Kajal to Dr. Purushottam. Kajal stresses. Gayatri requests that he check Kajal and give him meds for her injury. Kajal stresses and says I need to go to the washroom. Attendant goes to mastermind drugs. Ronak says somebody unique, she won’t come here.

Chief approaches by what means will you search for her. Ronak says she resembles Muskaan, she is likewise fine. Muskaan says sorry, I can’t help. Director asks him not to decline to the client. Ronak requests that she come. She asks Muskaan to proceed to attempt the dress for him. Supervisor sends Muskaan. Gayatri thanks the specialist.

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