Muskaan 19 June 2019 Written Update – Gayatri says you have Always Lied

Written Update: Muskaan 19 June 2019 Written Update on

Gayatri reviews Tabassum’s words and supposes I need to discover the reality. Tara makes a beverage for Sir ji. He irately tosses it and yells on her. He requests that she disregard him. She gets stunned. She says you didn’t have any acquaintance with me well, I can’t see you stressed, I generally gave you an exhortation and you got profited, I will disregard you in the event that you need.

Muskaan 19 June 2019

He says its nothing. She asks what are you avoiding me. She says there is something, let me know. He says its the quietness before the tempest, a tempest is going to come, it will demolish everything. Gayatri goes to see Bua. Sandhya quits fooling around. The specialist says her inside organs are crumbling, she has danger on her life, we need to work her. Ronak requests that specialist spare Sandhya’s life.

Specialist requests that medical caretaker check her blood gathering. The medical caretaker says we have checked it, her blood gathering isn’t accessible. Muskaan and Ronak request that medical caretaker check their blood gatherings. Gayatri awakens Bua and approaches her to desire a discussion.

Ronak gives the blood to Sandhya. Ronak says Gayatri needed blood some days back, my blood gathering didn’t coordinate with her, its peculiar that my blood gathering is coordinating with this woman, whom I didn’t meet previously, its a marvel. Muskaan gestures. Gayatri takes Bua to the sanctuary and solicits what occurred on the night from Ronak’s introduction to the world. Bua says Ronak was conceived. Gayatri makes her keep hand on Mata rani icon and requests that her swear on Bunty. She asks Bua to state truth.

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