Muskaan 18 June 2019 Written Update – Gayatri asks Bua what happened

Written Update: Muskaan 18 June 2019 Written Update on

A lady leaves the chest and afterward falls back. Ronak gets stunned. Ronak gets the lady out of the container and sees her face. He says its some lady, no phantom, perhaps she was here for numerous years. He asks Sir ji and Tabassum is this powerless lady the apparition, how could they lock her here. He admonishes them. They surge the lady to the emergency clinic. Sir ji looks on. Ronak takes Muskaan in the rescue vehicle. Specialist treats Muskaan and the lady. Tabassum asks Gayatri to clarify Ronak, how much will he ashame Sir ji, how might he hurt his dad.

Muskaan 18 June 2019

She adulates Sir ji. She asks by what means can Ronak murder Sir ji. She says the day he knows the reality of his reality, he will be shaken up, he will simply lament. Sir ji looks on. The specialist says Muskaan is vastly improved presently, let her rest for some time. Ronak apologizes to Muskaan and says sorry, I was terrified, as though I lost you, you know my fits, its difficult to endure me, just you can deal with my fits. She jokes.

She gets some information about the lady. Tabassum says Sir ji completed a ton for you, you left him, he didn’t leave you, he realized you won’t excuse him, and still, at the end of the day he beseeched you, he had relations with other ladies, however he genuinely adored you, you and Ronak constantly harmed him, I didn’t anticipate this from you, I expected this from Ronak, as he is.

Muskaan 18 June 2019

Ronak says that lady is likewise getting treated. Muskaan says I was abundantly terrified, I went to that room and saw the chest, somebody hit me. Ronak says she isn’t an apparition yet a woman, Sir ji has bolted her inside the chest, when the woman gets cognizant, we can know reality. She asks who is she. Sir ji comes and says she is Sandhya, it is anything but a mystery. Gayatri slaps Tabassum and reproves her. Tabassum says this reality will never do great to anybody, so we had concealed this, you can tell anything and beat me, the truth won’t change with your slap or contention.

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