Muskaan 17 June 2019 Written Update – Ronak Runs to the Dark Room

Written Update: Muskaan 17 June 2019 Written Update on

Ronak says nobody would constrain bahu to move, this will likewise occur for the first time, a man will move in a massage parlor out of the blue, it will be fun, Muskaan won’t wear ghun groos, she has toss ghun groos previously, its enough now, I will move and everybody will see. Muskaan says no. Gayatri requests that they stop it. Ronak says Sir ji ought to rebuff me. Sir ji says then begin making history.

He goes. Sir ji asks Tabassum not to give any untouchable come access. He requests that watchmen proceed to educate him in the event that anybody comes. He requests that the young ladies toss cash at Ronak and do this acting like customers. He gives them cash and says you do this till he moves, affronts hello there. Gayatri comes and hears him. She says its farthest point.

Muskaan 17 June 2019

Sir ji says he needs to rebuff himself, fine, let him move. Ronak prepares and asks Muskaan to dependably wear the Bluetooth. FB indicates Muskaan asking Ronak for what valid reason did he do this. He says with the goal that red entryway mystery turns out. She says you won’t go there. He says you will go, there is no apparition there, trust me. She gestures.

He says Sir ji will realize that we will attempt to locate the mystery once more, yet this time you will go there, when I move, I will keep them occupied, you achieve the red entryway, there is no phantom there, trust me. He demonstrates a Bluetooth and says we will keep this and move, you reveal to me when you reach there.

Muskaan 17 June 2019

I will come there mum shouldn’t know this, this move will be a tandav, the truth will turn out and become a solid proof, that we rebuff Sir ji seriously then we will be free for eternity. FB closes. Ronak says its last shot, we need to do this. Muskaan interfaces with Ronak by means of Bluetooth. They want each other to enjoy all that life has to offer. He goes. Tara says something is going on here out of the blue

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