Muskaan 17 April 2019 Written Update – Gayatri Accepts Muskaan

Written Update: Muskaan 17 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kajal marking Gayatri. Gayatri asks Ronak and Muskaan to do game plans for puja. Muskaan gets happy and says I won’t disillusion you. Ronak helps Muskaan and takes a gander at her. He grins. Pyaar Tera plays. She requests that he help her as a companion. Ronak and Hanumant check designs work. Muskaan gets tea for them. Ronak wishes that Gayatri acknowledges Muskaan.

He holds Muskaan’s hand. They have a minute while cooperating. She falls in his arms and flees. He grins. Muskaan makes nourishment. Ronak says its decent, I will taste it. She says no, it will be kept as bhog quick, remind the neighbors to send the young ladies for Kanya bhoj, we will give them blessings, I have thought a great deal, I got stationery for them by my well deserved cash, will Gayatri like it. Ronak says Gayatri will see your feelings, not your income or blessings. Bua and everybody come and see the game plans.

Bua reprimands Muskaan for finishing sanctuary and making prasad. She asks Muskaan to get out. Ronak says proceed to tell Gayatri, she has allowed Muskaan. Gayatri cries. Kajal says I have directly on Ronak, his present and future are mine. Bua comes. Kajal says we are making a venture. Gayatri asks Kajal not to indicate it to anybody. She asks what occurred. Bua asks did you grant Muskaan to praise the bubbly and direct puja. Gayatri says truly, proceed to prepare. Sujoy comes to meet Kajal. She gets stunned seeing him. She asks you here. Sujoy says stop your dramatization, disclose to me where is Shantanu, else I will uncover your fact.

Kajal gets up from the wheelchair. She says I have murdered Shantanu. Sujoy gets stunned. She snickers. She asks him not to divide Ronak and her, whoever comes in the middle of will kick the bucket. He says I will tell your reality. She says you will go to imprison on the off chance that you come before the world. He gets furious. She yells for help. He flees. Ronak and Gayatri come. Ronak asks what occurred. Kajal says a major mouse had come, I was terrified, don’t abandon me. She grins marking Gayatri.

Ronak gets hypnotized seeing Muskaan and compliments her. Gayatri gets Kajal there. Ronak asks how could you like the embellishment, its equivalent like you used to do, Muskaan has done this. Pandit and the young ladies come. Gayatri asks them to simply expel footwear and come in. Muskaan gets steamed seeing her skilled saree transformed into mats. Ronak says Muskaan gave you this blessing, what did you do. Gayatri gets inconsiderate to him. Bua and Lovely grin. Muskaan stops Ronak.

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