Muskaan 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Weakling in sentiment

Ronak asks Muskaan to sit. He blows on her injury and aids. Muskaan says the torment vanished by your touch. Ronak holds her hand to kiss. Hanumant comes. He says Gayatri is asking Muskaan to go to her room. Muskaan goes. Ronak beats him and says you ought to have come later, I was going to kiss her.

Hanumant says you are so courageous, you are a weakling in sentiment. Ronak says Singh implies Lion, King of the wilderness, let me know, what to do. Hanumant says you need to kiss Muskaan. Ronak says done, let me know, when and where, I will do it.

Ronak goes to meet Muskaan. Beautiful calls the man and says I can’t let Ronak and Muskaan’s commitment occur, I need to toss her out, how. The man says I have arrangement of each issue. Muskaan asks Ronak what does he need. Ronak says I need something. She asks what, let me know, I will get it. Gayatri pulls his ear and says I let you know not to meet before marriage.

Muskaan 15 October 2019

Muskaan says Ronak needed something. Gayatri asks what do you need. Hanumant asks Ronak to state, what does he need. Ronak says nothing, goodbye. Gayatri sees Lovely available to come back to work. She asks whom are you conversing with. Exquisite says wrong number. She says express gratitude toward God, mum didn’t hear my discussions, else she would know my arrangements.

Its morning, Muskaan does aarti. Hanumant gets prasad. She asks what was Ronak going to let me know. She pulls his ear. He says fine, I will let you know, turn that side, Ronak needed a kiss from you. She asks what. She sees Ronak. Ronak hears them. Hanumant says I gave him a test.

Ronak pulls his ear and asks what hogwash, I m a genuine man. Muskaan says I don’t think thus, you are zero in sentiment. Ronak says you are additionally saying this. She says this is reality. Ronak asks what did you do, acknowledge my demand. She says acknowledged. He says you need to kiss me. She says fine. Ronak gets stunned.

Exquisite says Bua, I m right however I can’t tell anybody, on the off chance that I care for Ronak’s life, am I wrong. Bua says no. Beautiful says this issue ought to get cleared before commitment. Bua says I will converse with Gayatri today. Hanumant goes. Muskaan strolls towards Ronak. Ronak says I was trying to say it. He gets back. Muskaan pulls him close. Gayatri gets him out. Ronak runs out. Muskaan chuckles.

They come to everybody. Ronak inquires as to for what reason are all of you so genuine. Gayatri says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to state. Bua says I will let you know, we need to do Muskaan’s STD test before marriage. Ronak and Muskaan get stunned. Ronak asks what gibberish.

Bua says Mrs. Sharma called and said her new bahu is STD positive, her child got the infection. Stunning says we are not saying that Muskaan is debased, yet she was separated from everyone else there, you were not with her, imagine a scenario where they swooned her and exploited her, Muskaan won’t recall it, such illnesses are deadly.

Ronak says shut up, that Raavan hijacked her, she turned out poorly her desire, you are requesting that her give Agni pariksha, she won’t do this. Dazzling says quite possibly she doesn’t recollect whether anything occurred, might she want to put Ronak’s life in danger, complete this test for Ronak’s security. Muskaan says if its about Ronak’s life, I m prepared for it.

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