Muskaan 14 May 2019 Written Update – Charan Gets Killed

Written Update: Muskaan 14 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Sir ji conversing with the family. He invests energy with them and gets cheerful. He drinks the juice. Charan gets the tea. Sir ji gets stunned seeing him. Charan too gets stunned. Sir ji hacks and says I m fine. Police wants Charan’s check. Ronak and Muskaan return home. Muskaan says his name is Charan, he hijacked me and my mum. Charan stresses. She charges him for supporting Aarti’s killers. Bua says he is a decent person, he spared Lovely and Dolly. Sir ji says its an arrangement against me.

Ronak supposes I will incite him all the more with the goal that he tells his fact. Muskaan says I didn’t have an inkling when he came here. Dolly says Muskaan is stating reality, Muskaan wasn’t at home when we found Charan at the door. Ronak contends and asks Sir ji for what reason is he accusing them. He says there is still time, disclose to me what’s reality, else we need to trust Muskaan.

Charan says I will let you know, I don’t know anybody, Muskaan is lying, I was meandering looking for work. Sir ji gets diminished when Charan deceives police. Investigator captures Charan to research further. Ronak says truth will turn out tomorrow. Muskaan says its not required, I need to end this issue. Sir ji yells on her and says you can’t take your words back, I will demonstrate that I had no association with this man. Muskaan stops Ronak.

Sir ji goes to his room. Gayatri says perhaps your adversaries have slaughtered Muskaan’s ears, so Muskaan and Ronak got against you, its a misconception. He says I m not worried for anything, I simply need your conviction, you have bolstered me since 35 years, guarantee me, you won’t lose confidence in me. Muskaan asks Ronak to quiet down. She says Sir ji thinks this is happenstance, on the off chance that he knows anything, he will get alert, our fact cannot turn out. Ronak expresses gratitude toward her for controlling him and quieting his indignation. He says I can’t deal with my existence without you.

Auditor calls Gayatri and says there is a crisis, you need to come here. She says fine, we are coming. She advises this to Sir ji. They all go to police headquarters and discover Charan dead. Overseer says he had perpetrated suicide, he said he knew nothing, constable discovered him dead, there is no criminal record for him, his name is Suresh, not Charan, he came here to look for some kind of employment in city. Sir ji conversed with reviewer and influencing him to murder Charan. Ronak sees investigator grinning and gets irate. Muskaan stops Ronak. Auditor says now this man is dead, he isn’t the one you were discovering, you can return home at this point. They leave.

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