Muskaan 14 June 2019 Written Update – Ronak gets Shocked

Written Update: Muskaan 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Gayatri comes to Ronak and Muskaan. They inquire as to for what reason is she lost, did she see anything in the room, what was there. Gayatri thinks there is nothing, there is no mystery or possibly the thing is shrouded elsewhere. Gayatri says I will go to Tabassum, Muskaan makes tea for her. Muskaan inquires as to for what reason is mum acting so unusual.

Muskaan 14 June 2019

Ronak says don’t have the foggiest idea, something is there. A man wants vermin control. Mala says it’s not required, go from here. Ronak asks Mala to gain the irritation power done. The man consents to come after some time. Ronak gets a thought and reveals to Muskaan that the thought is extraordinary, they will know the dim mystery today.

He calls Hanumant and tells his arrangement. Tara comes and plays with Ronak. He supposes she didn’t hear my discussion, amazing. He says I can’t take you anyplace. Sh requests that he knead her head with his solid arms. Muskaan makes tea. Tara approaches her to open a parlor for her privilege here. Ronak blows up. Muskaan masterminds the parlor for Tara.

Muskaan 14 June 2019

Tara asks Ronak to do nail trim, pedicure and head knead for her. Ronak can’t. Muskaan says I will do, I realize it well. Tara reproves Muskaan. Ronak furiously chides Tara. He won’t do any work for her. Muskaan says simply hear her out, when we locate the mystery, we will get free from this house of ill-repute. The nuisance control men return. Hanumant tags along and signs to Ronak.

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