Muskaan 13 April 2019 Written Update – Gayatri asks Ronak to come home

Written Update: Muskaan 13 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ronak calling Gayatri to talk. Kajal takes the telephone and converses with him. She asks where are you, get back home. Ronak says we completed the puja, we petitioned God for you. Kajal says I had a great time, I m as yet supplicating with Gayatri. Gayatri asks Ronak to return home soon. Ronak says truly, we are headed. Kajal asks Gayatri to accomplish something and clean the room, dump Shantanu’s dead body, he had shot me, expel the projectile, else it will be a disease.

She takes Gayatri to the kitchen and warms a blade. She asks her to simply do as she tells. She urges Gayatri to expel the projectile. Sujoy calls Shantanu over and over. He supposes the end result for Shantanu, for what reason is he not replying. Ronak sees Muskaan. Kajal asks Gayatri to clean the room and help her. They tie up Shantanu’s body. They take him on the wheelchair. Ronak and everybody gets back home.

Kajal asks Gayatri to stow away. She says they have come soon. Muskaan says I will see Kajal and come. Muskaan comes to Ronak and says Kajal isn’t there in the latrine. Ronak says possibly she is with mum in the room. They go upstairs and see Gayatri and Kajal together. Ronak sees Gayatri upset. Kajal says we orchestrated this amazement for you, you both are great mum and father, I needed to do this, so we did this for you.

She says I will lay down with Gayatri today, she is pleasant, she dealt with me. Ronak says thanks to Gayatri. He asks what’s the issue, your hands are so chilly, why. Gayatri says indeed, I had much work, I m tired. Muskaan gives her Kalava. It tumbles down. Muskaan says I will take it. Kajal and Gayatri stress as Shantanu’s body is under the bed. Ronak picks the Kalava.

Kajal thinks now Gayatri is caught, none can spare her. Gayatri takes Kajal. Muskaan says I don’t discover anything incorrectly. Ronak says indeed, however perhaps mum truly got drained. Ronak goes to meet Hanumant. He educates Hanumant concerning Muskaan’s concern, that is Gayatri’s acknowledgment.

He says I have effectively harmed mum a great deal. He cries and beverages. He says Muskaan thinks much for mum, she is correct, she adores and regards mum. Kajal compromises Gayatri and says in the event that anybody questions on me, I will murder and Ronak. Gayatri cries.

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