Muskaan 12 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Hukum Shoots at Ronak

Written Update: Muskaan 12 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ronak getting at goons’ firearm point. Ronak figures I would have not come here alone. Hukum says I will slaughter you and I will get Muskaan. He takes the blade to cut Ronak. Ronak stops him. He gives the general tour cut. He reviews. Ronak gets a cutting edge and cuts the rope.

He says I have an arrangement, hand me over to Hukum. The woman says I can’t swindle you. Ronak says you simply need to take me to Hukum. FB closes. Ronak figures I will consume this wine godown. Hukum requests that the men beat Ronak. Ronak battles.

Hanumant says ladies have come to give the cast a ballot. Muskaan looks on. Every one of the men gets Ronak. Ronak discards every one of them. Hukum blows up. He gets Amma’s call. Amma says the town ladies came to offer votes to Muskaan, accomplish something.

Hukum says Maalik, discover some approach to stop the ladies from offering a vote to Muskaan, else Muskaan will win. Muskaan sees a man taking the crate. She says madam ji, a man took voting station. Saaho goes to see. Muskaan gets the crate. Muskaan says this isn’t a similar box, I have seen the container taking it, the crate is changed.

Muskaan 12 October 2019

Ronak gets a fire torch. Hukum gets stunned and flees. Ronak consumes the wine boxes. Ronak turns out and calls Hanumant. He asks is everything fine. Hanumant says no, a few people came and had taken the voting station, come quick. Ronak says I m coming. Hanumant rushes to stop the men. Ronak comes there and battles men.

The authorities originate from the flying squad group. Nek Chand comes and focuses firearm at Ronak. Nekchand says we came to hereby tailing somebody. Muskaan says Hukum’s men did stall catching since they felt I will win the races, they appropriated wine in the town moreover.

Hukum says they are accusing me, Ronak consumed my godown, it’s my huge misfortune, he was running with this crate. Saaho asks Hukum to stop it. Official asks her not to meddle in this. Everybody protects themselves. Hukum grins. The official says Kamlesh is announced the new Sarpanch of Vidhangarh and Devin and since Ronak and Muskaan have swindled to get cast a ballot. Hukum giggles. Everybody cheers Amma’s name.

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