Muskaan 1 May 2019 Written Update – Muskaan Stabs Kajal

Written Update: Muskaan 1 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ronak and Kajal’s marriage occurring. Kajal takes a gander at everybody. She gets up from her wheelchair and evacuates her ghunghat. Everybody gets stunned. She focuses the firearm at Ronak and admonishes everybody. She says Sir ji and Ronak were watching out for me by fixing a camera in my room, I have come before everybody, I will straightforwardly chase now. She asks Gayatri to quit concealing, turn out. She gets irate and yells on Gayatri. She sees Gayatri and Muskaan coming.

Muskaan 1 May 2019 Written Update

Everybody gets stunned. Kajal says extraordinary, I thought I m the commander of this amusement, all of you are mentor, you played a decent diversion. She asks Ronak for what reason is he quiet, does he not comprehend what’s going on. Gayatri and Muskaan ask Kajal not to do anything to Ronak. Kajal says you both cherish him. She asks pandit to peruse whole mantras quick. She powers Ronak to take rounds with her and make her wear mangalsutra. She says now place sindoor in my maang. Ronak does as such. Everybody gets stunned. Pandit says marriage got finished, you are currently a couple. Kajal requests that Sir ji favor them. Ronak comes there. Sir ji sees him and gets stunned. He says Ronak.

Kajal and everybody gets stunned. Kajal focuses firearm at the lucky man. Ronak reviews somebody coming to him and hitting on his head. Its Sujoy who has dressed as the lucky man rather Ronak. Kajal asks who are you. Sujoy lifts the sehra. They all get stunned seeing Sujoy alive. Sujoy says now Kajal is my significant other, whatever she did, she will get rebuffed for this, I will torment her everything life. He pushes her when she shoots. Muskaan sobs for Sujoy. Kajal gets Muskaan at gunpoint.

Ronak says leave Muskaan, we will talk. Kajal undermines them. She asks them not to pursue. Ronak asks everybody not to come, Kajal is risky. Sujoy, Ronak and Sir ji leave. Gayatri feels fretful. Kajal gets Muskaan to some surrender. Sujoy pursues. Kajal says you generally separated Ronak and me, you need to pass on. Sujoy shoots Kajal in her back. Kajal tumbles down. Muskaan runs and embraces Sujoy. She asks are you fine. He asks are you fine, don’t utter a word. He is sorry to her.

He says I was the hoodie man. Kajal shoots him. Muskaan gets stunned. He tumbles down. Kajal says now it’s your turn and shoots at Muskaan. Ronak gets shot in his arm while he pushes Muskaan. Kajal says I will murder you, I gave you much love and regard, you offended my affection, I executed my family for you, you don’t esteem it, you reserve no option to live. Muskaan gets up and sees Kajal going to slaughter Ronak. She implores that she needs to spare her family, that is her firstmost obligation. She takes a Trishul and rushes to wound Kajal. The family comes there and looks on stunned.

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