Muskaan 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Ronak & Muskaan do the Puja

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Stunning says stop it, you don’t leave an opportunity to slander father. Gayatri says don’t do this here. Muskaan says why not, truth doesn’t cover up for long, it turns out along these lines before everybody, its fine on the off chance that you can’t bolster me, kindly don’t stop me. She says please hold up my grumbling and begin the examinations, I won’t stop this challenge. Ronak comes there and ruins the compositions.

He says at whatever point you conflict with him, you will discover me before him, laws need proof, artworks won’t support you. He says Muskaan simply needs to align our family. Muskaan cries and says Sir ji has admitted that he has murdered Sandhya’s child, Hanumant did the account, Sir ji got the video erased, however, Hanumant will inform you concerning it. Hanumant asks which recording are you discussing.

Muskaan 1 July 2019 Episode

She gets stunned. Hanumant reviews Bunty and Dipendra compromising him and asking him not to help Muskaan. They come clean to Hanumant. He gets stunned. He calls Ronak and apologizes. Ronak says truth is Muskaan has a craftsman’s work of art and assumed the praise, it was her arrangement to criticize Sir ji. Muskaan cries. Hanumant says yes. Chief chastens Muskaan. He solicits her to take help from the police, and not malign anybody openly.

He requests that her go to police headquarters and give the subtleties. Ronak says I m her better half, there is some disarray, don’t take her to police headquarters. Sir ji gestures. Official cautions Muskaan. She cries. Ronak says I have no mental fortitude to advise this to Muskaan and you. Hanumant says you need to come clean to Muskaan, else you both can get separated. Ronak concurs. He goes to Muskaan. He asks her not to do this, she will get injured. Muskaan says you are giving me the torment.

Muskaan 1 July 2019 Episode

He demands her not to do this. She says Sir ji grabbed my adolescence, my mum and regard, I will get him rebuffed, I don’t need the motivation behind why you retreated, I realize it can’t be greater than my reasons. He goes. Muskaan thinks what to do, I feel powerless, Ronak is correct, I need to get evidence against Sir ji. She supposes to call Vikram. Bua peruses the news and says Muskaan is maligning Sir ji and family. She requests that Sir ji complete philanthropy fall flat Muskaan. Ronak comes.

Bua demonstrates to him the paper. She tallies Sir ji’s favors on Ronak.mGayatri asks Bua to stop it, none will treat Ronak severely. She says Ronak is our child. Dipendra says Bua is correct, Ronak should stop Muskaan. Sir ji says I didn’t request your recommendation, all of you quit giving exhortation, none will treat him seriously, Ronak’s choice is conclusive, on the off chance that anybody does this shabby thing, get out.

Ronak is my beneficiary, not all of you. Pandit comes and says I have the Devi maa icon, it’s prepared. Sir ji says I can’t leave Gayatri’s desire unfulfilled. Pandit requests that her place the icon in the sanctuary. Ronak says I will do arrangements of the sanctuary, I will advise truth to Muskaan and go with her, someplace a long way from here. Muskaan says I m going out for puja.

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