Popular Musicians List who Died in 2018

All these legends are gone but not forgotten, they have their worth in the Music industry. The most Musicians List who Died in 2018 is shared on starsofworld.com blog and that list is a huge one. We have lost some incredible musicians like “Penny Marshall” in 2018. We have also lost some young, talented singers & musicians like “Devin Lima” in the past year 2018. Check out a detailed and complete list below;

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[infobox color=”#283747″]Musicians List who Died in 2018[/infobox]

This is list and managed by date, from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018. You can find a separate date or celebrity name via this perfect setup list. Comments related to topic “Popular Musicians List who Died in 2018″ are warmly welcomed on that blog post.

[infobox color=”#283747”]1 – Rick Hall[/infobox]
Popular Musicians List who Died in 2018
Popular Musicians List who Died in 2018

Rick Hall was an American record producer, songwriter, music publisher, and musician from the USA. Rick Hall was born on 31st January 1932 and Died on 2nd January 2018 at the age of 85.

  • Name: Rick Hall
  • Age: 85
  • D.O.B: 31st January 1932
  • Died: 2nd January 2018
  • Profession: Music publisher, Songwriter
[infobox color=”#283747″]2 – Tony Calder[/infobox]
Tony Calder
Tony Calder

Tony Calder was an English record manager. Tony Calder date of birth was 27th June 1943 and he died on 2nd January 2018 at the age of 74. His profession was also the music industry and has worked in many mega projects during his career.

  • Name: Tony Calder
  • Age: 74
  • D.O.B: 27th June 1943
  • Died: 2nd January 2018
  • Profession: Song Record
[infobox color=”#283747″]3 – Ray Thomas[/infobox]
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas

Ray Thomas original/birth name was Raymond Thomas. Thomas was born on 29th December 1941 and died at the age of 76 in 2018. Raymond Thomas was also a famous musician by profession.

  • Name: Ray Thomas
  • Age: 76
  • D.O.B 29 December 1941
  • Died: 4th January 2018
  • Profession: Musician
[infobox color=”#283747″]4 – France Gall[/infobox]

France Gall was a popular singer and stage performer from Paris, France. Why she was so famous? actually, France Gall has collaborated with singer Michel Berger.

[infobox color=”#283747″]5 – Avicii[/infobox]

Genuinely stunning updates on the Swedish DJ and performer Avicii on April twentieth. He was just 28. Oman’s police formally precluded any suspicious conditions encompassing his passing. Fans theorize that Avicii’s demise is likely credited to his consistent existence of celebrating and drinking.

The list “Popular Musicians List who Died in 2018” is a huge one, check out this in short list with respective date & the name of the musician as well.

The singer’s Died in January 2018:

  • 1st January 2018: Konrad Ragossnig, Age 85.
  • 1st January 2018: Peter Evans, Age 88.
  • 1st January 2018: Jon Paul Steuer, Age 33.
  • 1st January 2018: Betty Willis, Age 76.
  • 1st January 2018: Teddy Edelmann, Age 76.
  • 1st January 2018: Robert Mann, Age Not Sure.
  • 1st January 2018: Vidwan Mahadevappa, Age 87.
  • 2nd January 2018: Rick Hall, Age 85.
  • 2nd January 2018: Radha Viswanathan, Age 83.
  • 2nd January 2018: Tony Calder, Age 74.
  • 3rd January 2018: Lara Kruger, Age 30
  • 3rd January 2018: Medeniyet Shahberdiyeva, Age 87.
  • 3rd January 2018: Colin Brumby, Age 84.
  • 4th January 2018: Ray Thomas, Age 76.
  • 4th January 2018: John Braun, Age 68.
  • 4th January 2018: Rayya Elias, Age 57.

This is a huge list indeed and you have to figure out your desired singer info as well. This list is inclusive of 1000+ musician who died in 2018.

  • 5th January 2018: Jerry Van Dyke, Age 86.
  • 5th January 2018: Yon Koeswoyo, Age 77.
  • 5th January 2018: Mikio “Ko-Gami”, Age 36.

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