Indian Movie Bawandar (2000) – Review, Budget, Collections, Cast

Movie Review: This movie is an amazing one and the story is based on real tragedies. The movie title “Bawandar” stands for “The Sand Storm” in English. Indian Movie Bawandar was initially launched on 17th November 2000 in India. That incredible movie is based on the true story of Bhanwari Devi, a victim from Rajasthan, India.

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Sohan and Sanwari are a hitched couple having a place with a low-standing Kumhar (potter) network. The couple lives with Sohan’s folks and has two kids, a young lady, and a kid. Sanwari makes pots while Sohan utilizes the rickshaw for their subsistence.

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Directed: Jag Mundhra
Produced: Gaurang Doshi & Jag Mundhra
Screenplay: Ashok Mishra, Sudha Arora
Starring: Deepti Naval, Nandita Das
Music: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
Cinematography: Ashok Kumar
Edited by: Jag Mundhra
Release date: 17th November 2000
Running time: 125 mins
Country: India
Language: Hindi, Rajasthani, English

While working at a nearby quarry, Sanwari goes to bat for her rights to the degenerate boss. The updates on her grit come to Shobha Devi (Deepti Naval), a social specialist who works for the Government of India. Her activity includes making mindfulness among the unskilled residents against social disasters like kid marriage, persecution of ladies and so on. In Dhabi, she enrolls Sanwari (Nandita Das) as a Saathin, a grassroots specialist utilized as a major aspect of the Women’s Development Project kept running by the Government of Rajasthan. Don’t forget to check 10 Worst Movies of Bollywood 2018, a brief list on the basis of top reviews around the world.

Indian Movie Bawandar
Indian Movie Bawandar

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What is the main role? who is performing it in this amazing movie? check whole cast list below;

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Nandita Das: Saanvri
Raghuvir Yadav: Sohan (Saanvri’s husband)
Deepti Naval: Shobha Devi
Rahul Khanna: Ravi
Laila Rouass: Amy
Govind Namdeo
Ishrat Ali: Purina Gujjar (sarpanch)
Yashpal Sharma: Sarju
Lalit Tiwari: Tej Karan
Anupam Shyam: Mangal Panda (pandit)
Ashok Banthia
Shri Vallabh Vyas: (as Shrivallabh Vyas)
Ravi Jhankal: Police Inspector
Mohan Bhandari
Lillete Dubey

All provided information “Indian Movie Bawandar (2000) – Review, Budget, Collections, Cast” can help you to check the story of this amazing movie and why this story was chosen. In this moive, a great fight against social violation is described. This movie has 7.1/10 IMBD ratings which are incredible in the year 2000.

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