Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6 May 2019 Written Update – Mirchi Saves Akhilesh

Written Update: Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6 May 2019 Written Update on

Pushpa asks Mishri to acknowledge Devina’s blessing. Akhilesh says Mishri can’t take blessing from anybody without her mom’s acknowledgment. Ira advises Mirchi to acknowledge the blessing and state much obliged. Akhilesh holds Mirchi’s hands and acknowledges the blessing. She says thank you to Devina. Akhilesh says I am certain it has Mishri’s preferred stuff. Pushpa gestures. Everybody offers endowments to Mirchi. Adi reviews how Mirchi had lifted him in the air a few evenings ago and stops in his tracks for a minute. He also gives her a blessing at long last. Pushpa has requested Mishri’s preferred cake yet Ira calls attention to that Mishri likes Rava cake.

Will, we cut that today? I made it for her. Pushpa gestures. Ira goes to bring it. Devina again attempts to fuel Pushpa’s psyche against Ira however Pushpa advises her to be tranquil. Try not to endeavor to make contrasts between Ira and me. Mishri likes Rava cake so we will cut that as it were. Devina surrenders. Ira brings Rava cake. Akhilesh lights candles. Mirchis is approached to blow the candles. Akhilesh stresses that she may utilize her full quality at the same time. He envisions the cake flying in Adi’s eyes. Akhilesh holds the cake. He murmurs at Mirchi to do it pleasantly. She gestures. He blows it rather while nobody is looking.

Vansh approaches Mirchi to request a desire. Mirchi says I implore that Mishri recovers asap. Pushpa asks her what has happened to Mishri. Akhilesh says they are asking what you need. You are fine as of now. She got so much as of now. She doesn’t need anything. Ira endeavors to encourage Mirchi, however, Akhilesh offers to do it. Ira discovers his conduct abnormal. He dints even given me a chance to bolster cake to Mishri. Akhilesh rationally apologizes to Ira. This could have gotten hamper Mirchi. He advises Mirchi to profess to bite. She does likewise and even compliments it. Akhilesh sends everybody outside. He asks Vansh to rest in Devina’s room today around evening time as the bed is secured with blessings. He promptly concurs.

Mirchi reveals to Akhilesh today is Mishri’s birthday. You should wish her. These blessings ought to be given to her. He gestures. Every one of these blessings are for Mishri. He grabs the cake. It got over before it could reach Mishri. It is my little girl’s first birthday celebration before me and I am not even with her! Mirchi offers to enable him to prepare a cake for Mishri. The formula is inside me. He requests that her tag along. Mirchi and Akhilesh are in the kitchen. She demonstrates to him the formula on a tremendous screen. He takes a gander at her in awe. Innovation! He gathers every one of the fixings and pursues the procedure.

Upstairs, Ira ponders where Akhilesh is. He was putting Mishri to rest. For what reason hasn’t he come yet? He supposes he can’t switch on microwave. It will wake up everybody. Do you realize how to turn it off? Mirchi denies. You can heat it on my head. I have that much power! He is again astonished. Truly? She gestures. He keeps the cake on her head. She switches on the microwave mode. Ira hears some stable originating from the kitchen and gets inquisitive.

Mirchi rotates simply like the plate spins inside a microwave. Ira is going towards the kitchen. Akhilesh gets strained seeing Ira there. She asks Akhilesh what’s happening. He answers that he was making cake. Everybody ate the cake you made. She inquires as to whether she made this only one. He gestures. I can improve cake than you. I need to do this to keep global customers upbeat. I got terrified seeing you all of a sudden here. Give me good karma kiss before I go. She gets modest and pushes him away. Get back home soon. She leaves. Mirchi leaves her concealing spot. Akhilesh says we got spared by a string. The aroma is great. His hands are full so Mirchi opens the entryway for him. A person ventures inside simply at that point. He presents himself as Shamsher. Mirchi remembers him to be the person of those 5 kids. Shamsher pledges to beat Akhilesh. He hits at Akhilesh’s hands. The cake flies in air. He sends Mirchi to hold it. she acknowledges the order and the cake lands securely on her head.

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