Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Terrorist Gives a Bomb to Ira

Written Update: Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Pushpa serves breakfast to everybody. Mishri has grown up. She helped me cook Ira’s preferred sustenance. Akhilesh is inspired. I need to hear Ira acclaim you too now. Ira goes along with them. He sees her shuddering and enquires about it. She shares that she cleaned up from virus water. He serves her morning meal. Mishri requests that her Mapu eat it so she can eat drug as well. Ira denies.

I can’t drink water today. I have kept quick for Vat Savitri puja. Akhilesh is concerned. You are shuddering! She says I am doing this with you following 5 years. I would prefer not to miss it. Akhilesh reveals to her generally yet she stays put. Pushpa advises Akhilesh to have confidence in God. He will deal with her. In the event that Ira has chosen, at that point let her do it. Ira expresses gratitude toward her.

They demand Akhilesh too who surrenders. Eat something when the puja is finished. How about we go for the puja. The children follow along. While Akhilesh is driving, Mishri inquires as to whether they can’t do puja at home. Vansh is stressed over the warmth. Akhilesh says Amma was simply lauding you. Hitched ladies tie the string around peepal tree to appeal to God for the prosperity of their spouses. They wish that they generally stay together. Mishri says I was messing with you. They achieve sanctuary.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3 July 2019

Akhilesh sees that Ira is going to swoon and holds her. We will do this puja later. She denies. I needed to keep this puja since long. It will not be right on the off chance that we leave simply like that. He offers to do puja in her place. She reasons that wedded ladies do this puja. He answers that both a couple are the same. Keep in mind that they are equivalent. She is going to state something however he shushes her. Sit in the vehicle. I have even exchanged on AC for you. Mishri prods them that it was excessively dim. A motion picture can be made on both of you! Akhilesh enables Ira to plunk down and goes to do puja.

Women back off observing Akhilesh there. They bring up that solitary ladies do this puja! Mishri inquires as to whether her Bapu addressed them or requested their conclusion. Time has changed. My Bapu needs to petition God for my Mapu! Vansh seconds her. The women perceive Akhilesh. They saw the flyer referencing his activity. Appears as though he has suspected of himself as a lady after his activity! Ira and Akhilesh feel awful hearing it yet doesn’t respond. Akhilesh keeps strolling around the tree.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3 July 2019

They state that he ought to have worn saree. They likewise perceive Ira as Akhilesh’s significant other. She is a similar doc who played out that task and even hitched him! They call her Hanikarak. Don’t have the foggiest idea what else she will do in the following 7 births! Akhilesh says the misleading statement is constantly hazardous. You just observe the defeat yet you don’t have the foggiest idea about that she has given me a great deal of affection.

She gave me the fortitude to begin another life and to confront each test that comes in my direction! I am alive today simply because of you. She has additionally given me a sweet girl! Mishri is our little girl. You can’t start to comprehend what the sum total of what she has experienced to raise her. The facts confirm that she had destroyed my life however she likewise made my life excellent!

Is there any valid reason why I shouldn’t appeal to God for her long life? I would need her to be my life accomplice in my every birth! The string breaks. The women consider it a terrible sign. Mishri says does it mean your petition wasn’t heard. A woman calls attention to that the incense stick is the motivation behind why that string broke. Ira gets down from the vehicle. Mishri is concerned for Ira yet Akhilesh guarantees her that Ira will be fine.

They are going to tie it back however the women stop them. It is against the custom! It is a terrible sign which indications that your better half’s life is in threat! Akhilesh will not trust it. I won’t give anything a chance to happen to her. Mishri additionally demonstrates confidence in him. Bapu will ensure Mapu like in every case regardless of whether anything turns out badly! Mishri holds her folk’s hand. I am certain God will ensure us like dependably! Ira and Akhilesh take a gander at one another.

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