Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28 November 2019 Episode Written Update – News about Akhilesh’s Surgery

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Akhilesh ventures back in stun after seeing Ira’s companions. Since when did men smell so pleasant? Ira answers that they are her inaccessible family members who are not keen on addressing him by any stretch of the imagination. She takes her companions outside. Akhilesh tails them. I can smell women’s scent. Ira says Mama offered it to me.

I was attempting it and splashed it a little on them as well. That is the reason they smell that way. Archana seconds her. Akhilesh gets suspicious. Her voice is ladylike. Ira says this is in my family. He attempts to embrace Archana by demonstrating compassion however Ira calls it foreboding. Akhilesh warmly greets Archana upon Ira’s askance. He even discovers her hand exceptionally delicate.

Ira presents her companions as her Mama’s to them before Akhilesh. Pushpa addresses them in erroneous Gujarati. Devina attempts to address her however Pushpa disregards her as usual. They all plunk down to talk. Akhilesh discovers them fishy. Ira advises counterfeit names to everybody. Archana’s companion gets a call and talks in her style (South Indian).

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28 November 2019

Akhilesh takes a gander at her inquisitively. She winds up disengaging the call and holds her head. Pushpa and Devina take a gander at Ira. Ira clarifies that he has remained with Nani his whole life. She is a South Indian. That is the means by which he knows it as well. Pushpa gets bulldozed. She addresses them with respect to why they never came to meet Ira in the previous years. Ira says they live in South Africa. They have eateries there. Archana and her companion gesture in understanding.

Pushpa recommends them to open an eatery here itself. Ira continues cooking stories to cover her untruths. Devina gets an interested hearing that they have a chain of eateries. You appear to be so rational. I have been consistently longed for having a business abroad. Ira advises her against it however Devina says they have enough cash. They would require somebody to deal with their business.

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