Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Promotion of Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhaari

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Mishri and Vansh are observing Janamashtami. She expresses gratitude toward Lord Krishna for the agreement. Help him succeed. Vansh says you can’t prevail without working. We should go. Everybody plunks down to make laddoos. Pushpa is enticed by the scent. What’s happening? Mishri enlightens her concerning the laddoos. Pushpa says I adore laddoos. My Amma used to make laddoos as well. She additionally encourages them. Mira says it is incredible. I have never eaten the nourishment cooked by Badi Ma yet it will be incredible on the off chance that she makes them.

Pushpa redresses her. My name isn’t Badi Ma yet Pichkari. Akhilesh tells her the best way to make a round laddoo. Pushpa breaks few laddoos which stress Vansh, however, Akhilesh discloses to him this is the gift of Amma. It is a propitious sign as it were. He requests that her favor her. She answers that she is more youthful than him. I can’t favor you. He discloses to her that her endowments urge him to exceed expectations. He keeps her hand on his head. She charmingly says favor you. Presently I need to make laddoos.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27 August 2019

He goes to bring dry organic products while Pushpa figures out how to make laddoos. Tanya shouts out in torment as Adi contacts her fingers. Adi is miffed with Kabir. Devina prevents him from responding. Do you need to wreckage up with that Kabir? He will toss us out of the house! Tanya reasons that the house arrangement will be over tomorrow. We will be in the city. I ought to have gotten some answers concerning the house before marriage! Devina inquires as to whether this Kandiwali young lady will inform them regarding cash now.

Adi is going to counter yet Devina yells at him to be tranquil. Ira strolls in. I can give you cash if that is the thing that you need. She shows groups of cash to them. Tanya and Adi lung at the cash yet Ira instructs them to accomplish something for her first. Akhilesh got an extremely enormous contract for laddoo today. This house will be his in the event that he finishes this request. You should stop him. Adi says you will toss us out of our own home tomorrow in the event that we do that. Tanya guides him to allow Ira to talk.

She isn’t done at this point. Ira gestures. I will give you adequate cash to purchase a house and go into business. You should prevent Akhilesh from finishing his laddoo contract at any expense! Tanya takes her errand. Ira says you will get this pack loaded with cash when you complete this undertaking. She leaves the room. Tanya asks Devina how she thinks this young lady is Ira. She needs us to destroy Akhilesh’s arrangement.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27 August 2019

The laddoos are prepared. Mira says Bhabhi will quit undermining us to leave once this request is finished. Ira catches them. She expresses gratitude toward the Lord for making Akhilesh acknowledge he is the best. Mishri reveals to Akhilesh they should offer bhog to Bhagwan ji. It is Janamashtami today. Akhilesh gives one laddoo to Pushpa to taste. Mira says this is for God. Akhilesh calls his mom God. I haven’t lost my confidence in her as it were. Pushpa sees Ira and calls her Ira Kaki. She demonstrates it to her.

Taste it and tell how it is. Devina looks at her from the stairs. Ira begins her dramatization. Do you figure I will eat Indian sweet? It has so much ghee. Pushpa says it is round and my companion has made it. Ira calls it undesirable. She heads upstairs. Pushpa reveals to Akhilesh that Ira will discard it. Akhilesh says it is alright. Mira advises Akhilesh to put on something else. He understands it and goes to change. Mira likewise advises the children to change.

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