Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Mirchi Decided to do

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She chides Vansh and pushes him. Mishri asks Vansh to run and get help. Mirchi says its better incredible. Akhilesh chats available to come back to work about the new ward opening. Ira comes. He lifts her and says I m exceptionally glad today. He says at long last, the kids’ ward will be initiated. She says I m so pleased with you. He says we could get Mishri treated as we have cash, don’t have the foggiest idea of how needy individuals get their youngsters treated. Ira asks what are you saying, Mishri won’t require any treatment.

He inquires as to whether I become sick. Ira says I will demonstrate to you how I will respond. She gets a floor brush and beats him. He holds her near kiss. Vansh comes and says accompany me and spare Mishri. Akhilesh asks what’s the issue. Vansh says simply observe what’s Mirchi doing. Ira asks what’s going on. Akhilesh asks did you go distraught. Vansh says she needed to hurt Mishri, see. They don’t see Mishri in her room.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25 June 2019 Episode

Vansh says Mishri is in huge issue, Mirchi was beating Mishri. Ira asks what are you saying. Vansh says the two of them were simply here, gives up to storeroom. Pushpa converses with Susheela accessible as needs be and welcome her home. Mishri gets her out. Pushpa glances around. Mishri yells for assistance. Pushpa asks where are you. She gets stunned seeing Mishri. Akhilesh says don’t take Mirchi’s name. Ira asks what’s going on. Pushpa yells to them and requests that they see. Mirchi passes on Mishri. Everybody gets stunned. Ira asks by what means would this be able to occur.

Pushpa says two Mishris. Mishri asks Akhilesh to spare her. Mirchi says stop there, else I will drop Mishri. Mishri shows for assistance. Devina comes and looks on. Ira says don’t leave her. Akhilesh says quietly down. Mishri says Mirchi will slaughter me. Devina comes and does dramatization. Akhilesh asks Ira and Pushpa to not proceed. He asks Mirchi not to do anything to Mishri. Ira asks what’s going on.

He says I will answer you. Ira says please spare her. Akhilesh says I know Ira, I will disclose to you later, let me spare Mishri. He asks Mirchi not to set out hurt Mishri. He asks what has befallen you. Mishri says I let you know, Mirchi is doing this, spare me. Akhilesh says I had given you back to the specialist, how could you return. Devina says spare my poor infant Mishri. Mirchi says see what I do to your poor infant. He asks what do you need.

Mirchi says I will leave your hand now. She drops Mishri down. Akhilesh runs and spares Mishri. Ira and Pushpa raced to her and ask are you fine. They all observe Mirchi. Akhilesh embraces Mishri and says so heartbroken, I didn’t confide in you, Mirchi was doing every one of these things. Mishri cries.

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