Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Chuttan shouts Bapu

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The episode begins, You needed to avoid me for every one of these years. Chanda exhaust seeing her embrace Chuttan. Chuttan doesn’t embrace her back. Presently I will shower all the adoration on you which I couldn’t provide for you till date. She goes to Akhilesh and Mishri cheerfully. She is our child. Perhaps he remaining at our home since every one of nowadays was a sign we couldn’t get it. Mishri keeps on taking a gander at Chuttan in stun. He doesn’t care for me! She embraces Ira and cries.

Chuttan is miffed with Pandey family. They have isolated me from my folks yet I wont give these individuals a chance to have their spot ever! Chanda is crying outside. Everything is finished. My child is with them. He has left from me for always now. I will pass on without him! This has happened due to Ira and her family. They should pay for it. I wont give them a chance to live joyfully!

Chuttan attempts to go yet Pandey Family keeps him down coercively. Chuttan advises Akhilesh to relinquish him. This isn’t my home nor are you all my family! It would be ideal if you released me! Akhilesh goes to Ira. She holds Chuttan. I realize this is new for you however this is your family. You will be extremely glad here. We will take great consideration of you.

He won’t acknowledge them as his family. You are not my mom. Akhilesh attempts to cause him to see yet Chuttan is irate with him. You sent by Bapu to imprison and isolated me from my folks. Release me! Akhilesh holds him solidly. Ramavatar executed Kamla Chachi in order to conceal reality from us all that you are our child. Your alleged mother Chanda had taken you from us. You are our child!

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15 October 2019

Chuttan considers him a liar. You are catching my folks. This isn’t my home. Pushpa says who said that. This is your home as it were. We have discovered you after years with God’s favoring. She advises Ira to greet Chuttan and makes Mishri pour oil on the sides of the fundamental entryway. It is propitious.

Mishri inquires as to whether she ought to pour some oil on his head as well. Your hair will be pleasant at that point. He cautions her not to try and contact her. I will beat you! Mishri says will I need to take authorization to contact you now. You are my sibling. I wont take consent. She pours oil on Chuttan’s head. Akhilesh and Ira pull them separated. Ira does Chuttan’s aarti. He attempts to pass over the diya. Akhilesh is experiencing considerable difficulties keeping him down. Chuttan yells at him.

Release me. Akhilesh guides him to stand appropriately. Chuttan conceals his face when Ira attempts to apply teeka on his head. She looks for Mishri’s assistance who keeps his him down solidly. You need this teeka so you can come inside and eat parathas. Ira prevails with regards to applying teeka to Chuttan. Mishri and Akhilesh grin. Pushpa asks Chuttan to come in. He can’t. I will perceive how you folks will get me inside the house now. He holds his one advantage. Pushpa asks him for what good reason he is doing tandava.

Ira inquires as to whether his legs are tormenting. Mishri believes that her sibling wants to move simply like her. She also starts moving. Chuttan gets infuriated. What to do about these individuals? He starts shaking. They solicit him out from concern. He murmurs in Akhilesh’s ears that he needs to go to loo. He proposes going outside in the brambles however Akhilesh instructs him to go to the washroom.

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