Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 May 2019 Written Update – Buy Happiness For Akhilesh

Written Update: Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 May 2019 Written Update on

In today episode, Ira demonstrates tea to Pushpa. I dint like the manner in which you addressed me today. I wont alter my perspective. Ira ponders where the scent of pakodas is originating from. I dint make any! She heads outside and discovers Mirchi holding a plate of pakodas. Mirchi requests that her offer them to Badi Ma with tea. Ira requests that her give it herself yet Mirchi reasons that Pushpa is progressively annoyed with Ira at this moment. Ira grins and takes the plate inside. Pushpa is enticed yet rejects when Ira offers them to her. Pushpa discloses to her that her unpleasant words were sufficient. Ira demands her to pardon her.

I realize I said excessively much however I got enthusiastic since I got that case. Mishri’s mishap was something else at the forefront of my thoughts! If it’s not too much trouble pardon me. I wont rehash this ever. I will figure you wont pardon me in the event that you will eat pakodas. Devina looks from the window. She rationally cajoles Pushpa not to eat but rather Pushpa sweetly touches Ira’s head as she takes a chomp. I can comprehend it as I am a mother as well. Ira gestures. Kindly don’t advise anything to Akhilesh. Pushpa concurs. I wont state as the pakodas are extremely decent. Excuse me in the event that I do anything amiss with Mishri unwittingly.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 May 2019

They share an embrace. Devina is incensed. Ira goes to bring water for Pushpa. Devina stows away as Mirchi and Ira get talking outside the entryway. Ira compliments Mirchi’s thought. You are my mystical performer! Proceed to finish your homework. I will complete my work. Mirchi gestures. Ira leaves. Mirchi says my main goal is finished. My next mission is to fix Bapu’s state of mind. Akhilesh is irritated reviewing specialist’s words about Mishri’s condition. Pushpa shouts to him noisily. He thinks about whether Mirchi utilized her forces once more. He runs the first floor. What’s going on? Mirchi has framed a ring. Pushpa reveals to him that Mishri/Mirchi is testing her for a battle. Bhavik murmurs to Vansh that this thought is immaculate to cheer Akhilesh. Ira reveals to Akhilesh he looks dismal.

Possibly your arrangement didn’t works out yet observe what your little girl is accomplishing for you. Pushpa approaches Akhilesh to battle for the wellbeing of Mishri. Akhilesh feels terrible as should be obvious them this isn’t his little girl. She is battling for her life in the emergency clinic! Ira inquires as to whether he is hesitant to lose. He ventures inside the ring. Devina and Adi come there as well. He tosses Mirchi on the floor in one quick movement. He reviews his last battle with Mishri and gets enthusiastic. He tumbles during the time like last time. Mirchi says I vanquished you once more Bapu. Bhavik approaches Vansh to take everybody for supper. Vansh approaches everybody to desire supper. Bhavik remains back with Mirchi and Akhilesh.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 May 2019

Narayan conveys 20 lacs money add up to Akhilesh. He has got them for Mishri’s tests. He enlightens Bhavik concerning what the neurosurgeon had said. I would prefer not to need behind in any capacity! I can’t give a machine my little girl’s place. I don’t have the foggiest idea what I will tell everybody if Mishri won’t leave the trance-like state. I am burnt out on lying. I can’t lie any longer! Mirchi signals him to twist down and wipes his tears. Your eyes are spilling water. How to stop it? Akhilesh answers that she won’t get it. He leaves, unfortunately. Bhavik discloses to Mirchi that it is occurring on the grounds that Akhilesh was stressed.

Mirchi says he was tragic so he was crying. I can engage him like I engaged the child. Bhavik considers it an alternate yet Mirchi needs to spread bliss. Bhavik says bliss isn’t free. They won’t be anything on the planet which would be costly than bliss! Devina asks Pushpa what’s up with her. I realized you were basic however this is idiocy! I know why Akhilesh is so honest. Pushpa asks her what she implies. Adi clarifies that Pushpa excused Ira too rapidly. Pushpa gestures. Being a mother, I comprehend her worry towards Mishri. Children learn it rapidly due to their environment and television. Devina needs to watch out for Mishri/Mirchi. Pushpa is hesitant yet they pull her along. They discover Vansh dozing gently in the room. Pushpa focuses towards the lounge room. Mirchi is strolling towards the investigation room. They pursue her at a separation.

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