Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 June 2019 Written Update – Ira and Akhilesh trust on Mishri

Written Update: Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Flashback demonstrates Devina going in the storeroom. She is conversing with Adi. I will send your stuff and some cash that I stole from Pushpa’s pantry. She carries Mirchi’s sack to her room accidentally. While juggling through the stuff, she contacts Mirchi’s braid and she gets exchanged on. Devina glances around however can’t see Mishri anyplace. She is shocked to see Mirchi’s head flying out from the garments. What are you doing inside a sack? She finds the destroyed parts inside.

She discovers her manual inside also. You are a robot? Mirchi attests. I was experiencing her for the length while Mishri was in unconsciousness. Devina comes to an obvious conclusion. Doc additionally said it was beside inconceivable for Mishri to leave the trance-like state. Adi was correct yet nobody paid regard to his words. Who brought you here? Mirchi shares that Bhavik brought her here to ensure Mapu and Badi Ma are fine. Mishri is home securely so I should leave now!

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 June 2019

Devina says Adi got tossed out of the house as a result of a machine. Akhilesh dint article to it even in the wake of knowing everything! I will look for vengeance. I will ensure everything is reasonable in this war! She peruses the manual and gathers her. Devina advises her to acknowledge just her directions from here on. I need you to annihilate Akhilesh and Ira’s bliss. Mirchi says I can’t do it as I was brought here to keep them upbeat. I just wish I was additionally cherished like Mishri.

Devina advises her to place Mishri stuck in an unfortunate situation to get it going, however, Mirchi calls attention to that she is a human-driven robot. Devina evacuates her antivirus chip and pounds it. This is what was ceasing her to do anything negative! Presently she will essentially pursue my requests. Mirchi reboots. Devina turns into her new ace. Flashback closes.

Devina figures her robot will retaliate for every one of her put-downs. She will destroy Pushpa, Ira and Akhilesh’s joy for the last time! Mishri and Vansh set the morning meal table. They turn when Ira comes on the first floor. She asks them what they are doing. Mishri demonstrates her the shock. Mishri and Akhilesh have made dhokla for Ira. Akhilesh adds that Mishri needed to make her mom feel extraordinary so we made this particularly for you. Vansh asks them regarding who developed this word.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14 June 2019

Akhilesh says it must be some Gujarati. Mishri apologizes to her Mapu. Pushpa says this is the thing that they were up to since morning. Mishri again says sorry to learn Mapu. I won’t inconvenience you until the end of time. Ira says I can’t pardon so effectively. Akhilesh asks her for what valid reason she is so vexed. Your girl has made it with so much love. It would be ideal if you excuse her. Ira demands that Mishri must become familiar with some order. We can’t conceal for her shrewdness.

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