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Mishri gets inquisitive seeing Chuttan close to the entryway. Who is he addressing? Chanda leaves when Mishri approaches Chuttan. She asks him who he was addressing. He says I came to drink water. I wasn’t conversing with anybody. She watches out of the window. Chanda is taking cover behind the divider. Chuttan inquires as to whether she has checked outside.

nobody is there. Go now. I am in this condition as a result of you. I would prefer not to see your face. She discloses to him that even she isn’t keen on addressing him and leaves however stops after reviewing regarding why she had gone to meet Chuttan. She hears Chuttan addressing the window. Chuttan guarantees his mom that he will trick these individuals very soon and go to her.

Mishri feels awful for Chuttan. It implies his mom had come to meet him! He should miss her very much which is the reason he is attempting to escape the house. I should advise this to Mapu and Bapu. Devina and Pushpa are battling about the ring when a constable asks them how they came inside. You will be imprisoned for entering inside a wrongdoing scene.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10 October 2019

Devina says we were leaving however Pushpa says we thought to help you in your examination. My child has been confined for Kamla’s homicide. I will help you in your examination. She demonstrates to him the gold ring. Devina focuses at the bed’s leg. Constable says it has a place with a person. Pushpa says it may be of the killer. It may have slipped during the tussle. Constable advises his senior.

Ira is taking a gander at toys and garments (of a baby). Mishri comes there to educate her concerning Chuttan when she sees the toys and little garments on the bed. She gets concerned about seeing tears in Ira’s eyes. What was the deal? Ira shares that the most significant day of her life was the point at which she had turned into a mother. It is an extremely uncommon inclination for a mother.

A lady possibly egotistical yet she winds up sacrificial when she holds her infant in her arms. I have kept every one of the snapshots of your developing years however today I feel that the subsequent child may have been denied of such a significant number of benefits. He should stroll at this point yet he has never held my hand to date.

He has not eaten the nourishment cooked by me till now. I have not had the option to put him to rest moreover. What had befallen me that day that I wasn’t cognizant in any way? Mishri advises her not to tear down her Mapu. You are the best. You have raised me independent from anyone else. Ira grins a bit. Mishri wipes her tears. Indeed, even my sibling will realize how daring you are once he is here. Ira thinks about how it will occur.

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