Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4 February 2020 Written Update – Nia says Dad can delete the App

The Episode begins with Kabir informing Nia concerning Baawra Mann. Does he say she may have disclosed to her name on visit? He says he will check. Nia says we will not check in father’s protection. Kabir says I will check the URL to see from where this talk begins. Nia requests that he leave it. Kabir says what is the utilization of translating the telephone. Nia says at least we realize that Dad is talking with baawra mann and says he will illuminate me when he is agreeable.

Simply then they hear Amber singing baawra Mann. Nia says I trust he is conversing with a decent woman. Anurag’s little girl converses with Guneet and stances pic with Anurag and Guneet. Pummy takes the pic. Guneet reveals to Ruhi that she will keep chocolate and chips for her next time. They sit in the vehicle and leaves. Kabir brings tea. Does Nia request that Amber see who is bringing tea?

She says she asked Kabir to bring it. She at that point requests that Amber take rolls and say sorry, this is of toothpaste. Golden inquires as to why you are indicating such a lot of adoration, what do you need? Nia says do you feel that I need something from you. Golden says you make such face when you need something. Nia says no. Golden inquires as to why Kabir is sitting till now. Kabir finds a workable pace. Nia requests that he drink tea and go. Kabir kicks back and asks what is new with you, if there is any issue?

Golden says he has heartburn and feels like spewing since somebody faces. Kabir finds a good pace. Nia requests that he mention to Dad what occurred with Shri and says he is talking with a young lady for 2 months, yet she was really a person. Kabir and Nia keep on lying. Golden says you have pushed me to visit. Nia asks him not to be not kidding. Kabir says you are talking when all is said in done. Nia says no. Golden says I am not genuine and brilliant to realize who is at the opposite side.

Simmy comes there and welcomes Amber. She says you had called me to learn mouth organ and you told that you will show me harmonium. Golden reviews. Simmy says you need to hold your breath to play a mouth organ. Golden says I can’t hold my breath. Simmy requests that he show her harmonium as of now. Golden says Guneet requested that we show each other. Nia requests that he instruct harmonium to Simmy. He comes to the room. He gets Guneet’s message that Dilip Kumar, Devanand and Rajkumar declined Zanjeer and afterward Bachchan Saheb got it.

He gets some information about her disarray. Guneet says we get anxious when we don’t know something. She says she has a battle between her heart and brain. She says her brain is stating realized thing is acceptable than an obscure thing, yet her heart is requesting that she know the obscure thing. Golden thinks what is that thing which you need to know and is getting fretful.

Guneet says you, I needed to meet you and need to know you. She asks whom your heart cherishes, let me know, opens your riddle. He doesn’t answer. Guneet requests that he meet her and state. Golden figures he can’t meet anybody and reviews Nia’s words that he will not be not kidding for somebody. Golden answers no, we can’t meet. Guneet is disturbed.

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