Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd Oct 2020: Episode Written Update, What Kajol told to Uncle?

Written Update: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd Oct 2020 episode.

Nia grins and unwinds. Kabir grins seeing Nia and is going to offer cloth to her. RB comes and gives tissue paper to Nia. Kabir gets vexed. Nia asks RB not to tell anybody and expresses gratitude toward him. RB says I won’t advise anybody and asks her not to call him Sir. Nia says you need to hit the dance floor with me at that point?

RB says extremely troublesome. Nia says you can and chuckles. RB says your father returned perusing my chit. Nia says conversing with me and asks what did you compose. Nia peruses the chit and wipes his tears. Golden converses with Guneet, Kabir and Swara move on the melody duniye mein. Amber expresses gratitude toward Nia and gets upbeat.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd Oct 2020

She says you are great. Golden grins. Kajal, Shri, and Kabir value Amber’s move. Golden says I had moved enough. Kabir says today is your sangeet. Golden and Nia move on the melody aise mera yaarana. Lovely discloses to Pammi that no one can’t come in the middle of them. She says Guneet has no spot in their lives. Pammi asks her not to tell that. Guneet says she will make her own place. Kajal declares Guneet move.

Guneet moves on the tune yeh mera dil pyaar ka Deewana. Nia additionally joins her. They embrace one another. Kajal says what a presentation and requests young men supposition. Dr. Pandey says hot. Shri says it was amazing. Kajal says Amneet execution will occur. They cheer for Amneet…. Guneet and Amber move on the melody Aaj Kal tere simple pyaar ke charche har zabaan pe. Amber comes to Guneet. Guneet thinks back encouraging him to move moves.

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