Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13 November 2019 Written Update – Amber Calls the Electrician

Written Update: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13 November 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Nia revealing to her father that she will take the necessary steps. She requests that he talk and tells that numerous learners were sitting tight for this preparation, yet I got chosen, and you will be cheerful. She says she is best here when she sees no reaction from her father. Her father enlightens her regarding the climate there and says how you will bear the virus.

She says I won’t go until you concur. He says it is up to you and says on the off chance that I decline, at that point, you will say that you have lost a major chance. She inquires as to whether she will go or not. He says it is up to you, I couldn’t care less. She says you are so disappointing, I will go. He approaches her to go for a long time as opposed to 2 years.

A dismal melody plays, Nia and her dad consider one another. He types something and takes a printout. Nia additionally takes a printout of something. Later she gets back home and calls her father. She discovers him sitting on the patio and asks from where he got seashore umbrella, on the web. He says yes and gets some information about her preparation place.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13 November 2019 Written Update

She says, San Francisco. He solicits her to see the paper from the jalebi and tells that the wrongdoing rate is more there. She says it is increasingly here in Qaziabad moreover. She says you were doing this in the night and says you didn’t erase the perusing history. He took out the printout. She says she won’t go until he says. He requests that she have samosa.

Nia comes to office and gratitude to the partner who assisted her with Qaziabad data. They see their application details 85 percent. Kabir comes there and tells that their App will arrive at hearts. He at that point inquires as to whether she has chosen. Nia says she needs 2 additional days. Kabir says I can’t cause my organization to endure as a result of you. Nia requests that he send Shri/associate there.

Kabir requests that her tell by tomorrow. Later he requests that her give her identification. Nia says my visa is with father. Kabir says I am burnt out on your help to your father. Nia requests that he send Shri and turns out. Her father sends her pic. She grins taking a gander at his pic. Peon comes to Amber Sharma’s medical clinic and requests Nia’s international ID.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13 November 2019 Written Update

Golden’s representative tells that today he can’t give. Golden blows upon him and calls somebody about Nia’s visa. He offers international ID to Peon and requests that he go. He at that point fire his worker for misleading him. A woman goes to the workplace of heart to heart and advises that she needs to meet Nia Sharma who made sincere App. She hears Nia and goes to her.

Nia asks how might I help you. The woman advises that she came to sue her for cheat and selling out. She inquires as to whether she will pay inline or not. Nia is stunned. Golden gets back home and sits on the seat, upset. He reviews Peon requesting Nia’s international ID. The woman tells that I have every one of the subtleties and shows that KK Chaudhary met her on their App and went with 18 lakhs rs.

Nia counter assaults her obnoxiously and approaches her not to censure them for her ineptitude. The woman says you are calling me idiotic and tells that the man has run off with her 18 lakhs rs. Nia says we can’t support you. The woman gets dismal. Nia reveals to Shri that they will support her and requests that her leave her number here.

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