Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12 November 2019 Written Update – Why Sales girl says Sorry?

Written Update: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12 November 2019 Written Update on

The episode begins, Later she returns home and converses with her dad. She inquires as to why there is no light and says you may have kept a few candles. Her dad says it is finished. He says power isn’t at home for 6 hours. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you call me. He says he had called. She says she has overlooked in office. He says he needs to do practically everything in any event, cooking. She says today is your day to prepare nourishment. She checks the breaker and fixes it.

She tells that she got the honor. He says he knew and gives her halwa and requests that hereat. She says you made dry halwa and makes him taste it. He takes a gander at the honor and asks what did everybody says in the honor work. Nia says everything was standard and reviews Kabir’s words. She discusses her companion Kajal. In the first part of the day, they knead each other’s head with oil.

They have tea together. Nia brings nourishment tiffins quietly and calls her Dad to seek breakfast. He approaches in the event that she brought for throughout the day. She says I am causing you to eat gobi ka paratha. Her dad says it is Aloo ka paratha and says you would have checked the container. Nia tells that the Gobi may be over at Shukla aunt’s place and says you eat all tiffin.

He says what to do, I am eager. He asks her not to go with any folks to have espresso and requests that her call her companions home to have espresso. She says alright and goes. Kajal and Nia meet one another. Kajal says don’t have the foggiest idea how you handle your father. Nia says my father is my beginning and end, companion, mother, father and so forth and says I love him. Hireling Shanti gets back home and starts rationalizing. Nia’s father composes on the schedule that she arrived behind schedule and cuts 100 Rs.

Worker thinks don’t have the foggiest idea of how Nia handles him. Nia calls him and inquires as to whether Shanti came. He says yes and tells that he showed her out, says you need to clear and wipe the house. Does she say how I will oversee work? He chuckles. Later in the workplace, she composes dreams without activities that are simply dreams! Kabir comes and requests that her satisfy her fantasy and make a move.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12 November 2019 Written Update

He helps her to remember California preparing. She says she needs additional time. He asks truly and tells that you are not living an ordinary working life. She says indeed, she is living a typical life. She gets a call. He says Papa’s call. She says there is a standard set for Papa and her, yet she will go to US. He says you have 24 hours to choose.

Later Nia calls her father and converses with him. He is in his office and flames somebody. He gets back home and sings melody. Nia returns home and solicits him to turn out from restroom. She gives him pants and requests that he prepare. He says only a min. They go out. Nia whistles and tells that shirt is looking pleasant on him. He says looks great on me.

She says what mummy found in you and tells that she was a shocker. He says she wedded me. Nia says mummy more likely than not had sympathy on you and says she dismissed Khollar uncle. She tells that Khollar uncle was a tycoon in US. He says I have travel office. They come to watch film. A woman aggravates them in the film corridor and sprinkle popcorn on his head.

He requests that the woman sit on her head and get overhang see understanding. They contend. The woman asks Nia to cause her frantic dad to get it. Nia requests that her stop it and says I am seeing since long how you pushed the seat with your leg and requests that her state sorry, else she will take her to Police station.

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