Manmohini 5 June 2019 Written Update – DK pushes her in coffin

Written Update: Manmohini 5 June 2019 Written Update on

Kali takes Mohini out and endeavors to quiet her down. Mohini vapor that Rana dependably affronts her calling chudail and does not esteem her affection, enough now she will rebuff Rana for his presumption and overlooking her. Siya endeavors to quiet her down, yet then observes DK leaving and supposes she should get going towards Dayimaa’s body. She supposes to pursue DK, however, gets stressed that Mohini may hurt Rana.

Manmohini 5 June 2019

Raj Jyotishji strolls into Vanraj’s room and asks Jhumri what is she doing here. Jhumri apprehensively says she came to apply prescription on Vanraj’s injuries. Raj Jyotishji asks what is this smoke. Jhumi apprehensively sets off smoke. Raj Jyotishji requests that her go out, he will apply medication on Vanraj’s injury.

She leaves making the desirous face. Raj Jyotishji then checks Vanraj’s hand and seeing Siya’s name supposes he knew Vanraj would have done this, great he came at the opportune time and did not let Jhumri see it. Siya/Kali pursues DK. DK gets suspicious and turns back. Kali covers up and pursues her once more. DK turns. Rana holds Kali aside simply at that point.

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