Manmohini 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Vanraj Attacks Rana Again

Written Update: Manmohini 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Rana keeps running behind Vanraj. Siya/Kali tails him. Dayimaa stops her and says she ought to go before Mohini calls her. Mohini strolls to Dayimaa and asks where is Kali. Dayimaa says she should be someplace around and inquires as to whether she discovered her shadow. Mohini says no, presently she will utilize her bhura jadoo to discover her shadow.

Rana pursues Vanraj to the wilderness. Vanraj stows away. Rana look through him. Vanraj grasps Rana’s neck from behind. Rana pushes him and says he wouldn’t like to battle with him, he simply needs to realize how is he identified with Kali. Vanraj assaults him once more. Rana stands up to, however, Vanraj effectively overwhelms him and beats him ruthlessly.

Manmohini 5 July 2019

Kali comes to there and attempts to stop Vanraj. Vanraj pushes her and keeps ambushing Rana. Kali brings fire and undermines Vanraj. Vanraj being a tiger gets scared of flame and yells to ward off it from her. Mohini discloses to Dayimaa she will utilize her bhura jadoo/dark enchantment to discover her shadow. She cuts her palm and gets desert sand and says this will lead her to her shadow.

She pursues sand which leads her to a room, yet she doesn’t discover her shadow there. She sees a message on floor suswagatam/welcome. Chains at that point limit her options. She argues DK/Dayimaa to support her, yet Dayimaa says Mohini cut her hands, how might she help, thinking Mohini killed numerous and now let her pass on. Mohini begins deteriorating.

Kali causes Rana and attempts to take him from here. Vanraj yells she is fouling up, he won’t extra Rana at any expense. Kali says they should take Mohini’s assistance to slaughter Vanraj. Rana says he won’t take Mohin’s assistance with her dark enchantment. Vanraj gets up and attempts to assault Rana.

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