Manmohini 4 February 2020 Written Update – Shiv asks if she has lost

Amar fixes the sharp string over the dividers. Ananya’s neck hits the string, stamping blo*dy cut. Ananya shudders in agony and trembles. Shiv fantasies of himself as the fiend who licked on her blood. He turns away from Ananya. Amar comes to help Ananya and asks how she got harmed. Sunanda contacts them. Amar helps Ananya stand. Shiv had left for his room, perusing the Mantra. He attempts to stop himself and wipes Ananya’s blood beads off his face.

Ananya goes to Shiv’s room and inquires as to why he fled from that point. Shiv says her neck is dying, how he could remain there. Ananya says it’s only little damage, why he fears her. Ananya says he got the Rudraksha, at that point why he is strained. Shiv laments not having the option to remain with Ananya when she is in trouble. Ananya says she will deal with herself all alone. She inquires as to why Shiv didn’t think that it’s unusual that the kite string was put amidst passage.

Manmohini 4 February 2020 Written Update

Amar played with the blood of Ananya and arranged this. Sunanda comes asking how Ananya was harmed. Amar says he did this, he needs to light the fallen angel inside Shiv. Sunanda says on the off chance that somebody from the house sees this, none of their arrangements would be practiced. Amar says he couldn’t care less. He needs Ananya at any expense, regardless of whether he needs to hurt Ananya. After he had gone, Sunanda addresses Jalebi that she needs to carry her to the house officially, so she can control Amar.

Ananya goes to Amar’s room and questions in the event that he tied the kite string in the hall. Amar inquires as to why he would do this when Ananya took him back to the house with such a lot of trust. Ananya perceives the cuts on his fingers. Amar grins and pulls Ananya closer, concurring that he did as such. Ananya winds up in a real predicament with her knee and yells at him to gather his pack and go out immediately. In the room, Shiv was gathering his pack.

Mishra ji was on the porch upstairs, shaving before the mirror. Sunanda comes to him. A cut was set apart all over. Sunanda applies the counter septic and demands him to get her a servant, it’s very hard for her to deal with the tasks of the house. Mishra ji sees a yellow chunri fall on the floor oddly. He is sorry as he is poverty-stricken, and Amma ji won’t pay him any. Sunanda says she has discovered a servant, and she won’t take any compensation; only a spot to live in. Mishra ji fantasies about moving alongside Sunanda.

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