Manmohini 26 December 2019 Episode Written Update

Written Update

Kamal hits with the sword to execute Ananya. A flood of blood fell over his face. Everybody was stunned to see Sunanda had halted the sword with her hand, her hand seriously dying. She asks what Kamal is doing, Ananya is his girl. She may have submitted a misstep yet this is wrongdoing. Sunanda joins her hands and demands Kamal to drop the sword.

Rekha insults that Sunanda is still on Ananya’s side in any event, when she has grabbed Ketki’s, lucky man. Everybody keeps on accusing them. Rahul accuses Shiv and keeps on slapping him. Ananya stops Rahul and hinders that one of Shiv’s slap will be sufficient for him. Shiv holds Ananya’s hand. They stroll into the house and to the Mandap.

Ananya lights the Havan and pledges her name is Ananya meaning Parvati. Parvati yielded herself for the regard of her Shiv. However, she is Parvati of this age and will consume the entire house. Furthermore, as per law, nobody can abandon her from the house as she is similarly legitimate to live here. She grasps Shiv’s hand and goes upstairs. Check Manmohini 26 December 2019 online.

Around evening time, Shiv calls Dai Maa and portrays her the entire story of wedding Ananya. Dai Maa was cheerful this occurred, yet alerts to be cautious. Shiv considers how he controlled himself today, and how he will keep on doing it in the future. Dai Maa says he cherishes Ananya beyond all doubt and was cheerful he come clean with her.

Shiv says he disclosed to Ananya a misleading statement. He revealed to Ananya he is Mann, yet he didn’t disclose to her that Sunanda is really Mohini. He must be wary that Ananya doesn’t shout out before Sunanda and discover some approach to murder that witch. Dai Maa gets another call. It was somebody from Bahram’s house. Dai Maa speedily cuts the call however the individual on the opposite side needed to reveal to her a fact about Ram and Siya. Dai Maa ponders what this’ identity was.

Manmohini 26 December 2019

Shiv goes to the room where Ananya had changed into an article of white clothing and stood In front of the mirror. Both stroll towards the bed and feel modest. Ananya immediately shouts and hops over the bed. Shiv had likewise fallen with her. She focuses on the reptile. Shiv prods that Ananya was gloating to confront every one of the threats and fears a small reptile now. Both offer exceptional eye lock. Ananya turns away while Shiv was curious.

Rekha was crying in her room and reviled Mishra ji for playing with Sunanda. Mishra ji says this isn’t the ideal opportunity for this issue. Today, Ananya referenced her offer. This shows their Ketki’s offer can likewise be accomplished. They have to think about how to get Ananya repudiated from this property. Ketki was resolved to vindicate Ananya well after the fire she lit. Ananya spoilt her life and now she will make Ananya drain.

Shiv turns Ananya’s face towards himself and inquires as to why she is stressed. Ananya answers that she made trouble with her Mummy, still, she was harmed as a result of her. She thinks about how her dad conflicted with her everything of an abrupt. She needs to address him also. There was a thump at their room entryway. Ananya goes to reply. It was Sunanda.

Ananya says she was coming towards her. Sunanda inquires as to whether something was still left; she was mixed up and slapped her however she is as yet hungry for that. Today, Ananya scrutinized her parenthood and raised. Ananya goes to stop Sunanda in the hall. Sunanda sounded upset that she abhors being a mother today. She couldn’t show her the good and bad of life. Ananya demands Sunanda to listen cautiously. She and Shiv haven’t yet hitched. Shiv laments hearing this.

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