Manmohini 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Mohini via black magic sends her shadow

Written Update: Manmohini 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

Mohini strolls into Rana’s room and sees him holding broken glass piece on his wrist and cautioning her to remain away, else he will slit his wrist. Kali/Siya, Dayimaa, Maya, and Madira additionally stroll in and Kali argues him not to hurt himself. Rana cautions her to remain away and stands up to Mohini that she called him her slave yesterday and demonstrated that he is only her manikin. Mohini apologizes and demands not to hurt himself. Slam says she ought not do any dark enchantment on him.

Manmohini 25 June 2019

Mohini guarantees. Rana says in the event that she breaks her guarantee, he will break his guarantee and never again be her defender, undermining her to slit his wrist. Mohini says she won’t guarantee anything like this. Rana says stay faithful to her obligation with herself and hang tight for him for an additional 500 years as she won’t get him in this life; he slits his wrist.

Siya and Mohini stand stunned. Rana breakdown. Mohini blacks enchantment on Rana’s wrist and fixes his hand. Rana awakens. Mohini says she has directly on his life, yet additionally his demise; he can’t inhale or diminish his existence without her consent, so actually on the off chance that she is chudail, her dark enchantment made him half pisach/insidious.

Manmohini 25 June 2019

Rana cautions her that at whatever point she isn’t around him, he will murder himself. Kali reveals to Mohini that Rana has lost his psychological parity and may slaughter himself, requests that her turn out with her. Mohini says she won’t leave from Rana. Dayimaa/DK and Maya/Madira additionally demand her and state they will watch Rana. Rana snickers on Mohini that he will execute his arrangement. Mohini leaves with Kali. Rana trusts Kali prevails in her arrangement and thinks back Kali promising she will liberate him from Mohini’s dark enchantment and rest of their arrangement.

Kali/Siya takes Mohini out and demands her to guarantee Mohini. Mohini says she won’t. Kali inquires as to whether she confides in her forces, at that point she ought to concur. She returns back to Rana’s room. Dayimaa inquires as to whether Mohini did not concur. Mohini strolls in and says she is prepared to guarantee.

Rana requests that her guarantee that on the off chance that she breaks her guarantee, she will lose him. Mohini stands quietly. Rana yells he knew Mohini won’t guarantee. Mohini guarantees that she, chudail of chudails, won’t utilize her dark enchantment on Rana and in the event that she breaks guarantee, Rana can leave her eternity.

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