Manmohini 24 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Is Mann is Evil Again?

Written Update: Manmohini 24 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

Gopika apologizes Mann and says he can call her maa, however she might be restricted from school for that. Mann excuses her and asks not to battle with Mansi once more. Gopika says she will become friends with Mansi and strolling to Mansi broadens fellowship hand. Mansi acknowledges her kinship. Gopika sitting with Mann gives him rose to offer it to Mansi.

Guruji in sanctuary tells Mallika and Sumri that history uncovers that chudails can go to any degree and penance anything to get what they need, he makes certain there is some association among Mann and Gopika. Mann strolls towards Mansi. Gopika figures she will make Mansi a substitute. Mansi blessings rose to Mansi. Mansi holds bloom stem, thistle pricks her and she starts dying. Gopika reminds Mann how Ram sucked Siya’s blood to fix her. Mann sucks Mansi’s

blood and his eyes shine back like chudail. In the sanctuary, the earth shakes. Guruji says Gopika has contacted her objective. Mann keeps sucking Mansi’s blood. Mansi argues to leave her as its tormenting. Gopika figures he won’t as shrewd tasted blood after quite a while. Mansi breakdown, however, Mann keeps on sucking Mansi’s blood.

Manmohini 24 September 2019

Smash comes to meet Siya and they go by study hall and seeing understudies standing surge in. Gopika seeing Siya drives Mann away from Mansi, yet when he doesn’t, she pricks her hand and gives him a chance to suck his blood and wipes off blood from Mann’s mouth before Siya comes to. Siya sees Mansi and attempts to wake her up. Smash surges Mansi to the medical clinic.

Siya calls Ram and asks how is Mansi now. Slam says specialists are transfusing blood to Mansi and revealed to it would seem that somebody sucked entire blood from her body. Gopika attempts to incite understudies to not tell truth, else Mann will be kicked out of school. Bheem says he will tell truth. Siya strolls in trusting Mann isn’t included and asks what befell Mansi.

Bheem says he will. Gopika gets strained. Simply then Ram gets Siya and she exits. Slam advises that Mansi’s condition is basic and she is in ICU. Siya returns and asks understudies what befell Mansi. They state they don’t have the foggiest idea. Gopika thinks back Mann mesmerizing all understudies.

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