Manmohini 23 September 2019 Written Episode Update – Siya Becomes Mann’s Teacher

Written Update: Manmohini 23 September 2019 Written Episode Update on

At school, understudies menace Gopika and talk about to stick biting gum in her hair. Siya enters as an educator and asks what’s going on. She thinks back disclosing to her concept of turning into Mann’s instructor to associate with him generally and see Gopika’s exercises. Mansi reveals to Siya that Gopika is making Bheem and Mann battle. Gopika welcomes her as kunwar rani saa. Siya says she is her instructor here and requests that everybody sit down. Mann educates Mansi that she is his rasgulla.

Mansi says his rasgulla is charming dislike Gopika. In royal residence, Mallika hears Jhumri playing with Sumri over the telephone, gets her out and approaches her to call Sumri for every day morning pooja as Siya is going to class and can’t perform pooja and to welcome even Sumri’s master. Jhumri gets energized. Mallika remarks Jaa Jhumri jeele apni Zindagi, this she can’t deal with chudail alone and necessities support.

Back in school, Siya takes understudies to play room and says they can remain even here. She requests that every understudy punch a doll which hits back. Siya says it characterizes that they receive consequently what they give, on the off chance that they are amicable with others, even others will love them and on the off chance that they battle, others will likewise battle with them.

Manmohini 23 September 2019

Mann returns home and asks Siya to give him nourishment. Guruji with Sumri strolls in. Mallika expresses gratitude toward him for coming. Slam and Siya likewise welcome guruji. Siya cuts her finger while cutting organic product. Smash sucks her blood. Mann asks Jhumri what’s going on. Jhumri says maa is harmed, so baba is treating her. Gopika thinks she figured out how to make Mann abhorrent tyke again tomorrow. She strolls to Mallika and strangulates her for calling guruji home to perform pooja.

Mallika pushes her attempting to spare herself. Gopika calls down and harms her elbow. Mallika seeing blood overflowing out asks how is it conceivable, sand used to fall when she used to harm previously. Gopika keeps running from that point down. Mallika keeps running behind her and reveals to Siya that Siya shrouded a major actuality. Siya asks what is it. Mallika says she is harmed. Siya asks how could she harm. Gopika likes that she slipped and harmed herself. Siya asks Jhumri to emergency treatment Gopika’s injury as it shouldn’t be left open. Mallika says she may get contamination.

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